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Kazakhstani GM Kotsur tops Cup of Akim Pavlodar 2015

The Cup of Akim Pavlodar 2015 took place from 28th to 30th January, 2015, in the city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

The event was a 9-round rapid round-robin tournament with the special participation of 10 players from 4 different continents – Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Kazakhstani players GM Pavel Kotsur and GM Petr Kostenko tied for the first with 6.5 points each, but Kotsur prevailed on a superior tie-break score and took the gold.

The only African participant, GM Ahmed Adly, finished third with 6 points, leaving the nearest followers half a point behind.

Meanwhile, the former World champion Khalifman and the champions of Egypt and Australia, Adly and Ly delivered simultaneous exhibitions in the “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”.

You can see the full standings and replay the games below.

Official website / Live games with analysis / Live games with statistics / Play online chess

Final standings:

1. GM Kotsur, Pavel (2548) KAZ – 6,5
2. GM Kostenko, Petr (2455) KAZ – 6,5
3. GM Adly, Ahmed, (2684) EGY – 6
4. GM Vladimirov, Yevgeniy (2589) KAZ – 5,5
5. IM Ly, Moulthun (2460) AUS – 5
6. GM Khalifman, Alexander (2588) RUS – 4
7. GM Jumabayev, Rinat (2591) KAZ – 4
8. GM Granda Zuniga, Julio E (2679) PER – 3
9. GM Aleksandrov, Aleksej (2564) BLR – 3
10. GM Ismagambetov, Anuar (2563) KAZ – 1,5

Women's World Championship 2015: Visa support

Dear Chess Friends!

Russian Chess Federation would like to inform you on visa support issue.

1. Participants/FIDE Principals and Officials

There are three categories of visitors in accordance with the countries of their origin:

1. The countries whose citizens don't need visas for the period of the championship are: Argentina, Cuba, Peru, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan;

2. The countries whose citizens will receive personal official invitations* from the RCF to apply for visas are: Bulgaria, Hungary, Egypt, China, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, USA, France, Sweden. Please note that the participants who will receive RCF personal official invitations will still have to present requested documents and pay all the necessary fines when applying for visas;

3. The countries whose citizens need reference numbers** to apply for visas are: Australia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Canada, Qatar, Great Britain (Scotland) and Georgia (please take into account that the procedure for the Georgia' players can take a bit longer due to absence of diplomatic relations between Russia and Georgia).


* and ** In order to arrange personal official invitations or reference numbers RCF needs the following information from the participants from above-mentioned countries: Passport scans;
Information on where exactly the participants will be applying for visas.

The information should be sent to the RCF official e-mail or straight to the Secretary Department e-mail

2. Accompanying persons/Journalists/Others

The visa support will be provided by Mr. Alexander Bakh. Please contact him by email:
The price for the service is 70 EURO per person.
In case visa support is needed ASAP the price for the service is 100 EURO per person.

3. Passport

Please note that in order to apply for the Russian visa your passport must be still valid for no less than six months after the date of leaving the territory of the Russian Federation.

Gibraltar Chess 2015 LIVE!

Schachbundesliga 2014/15 LIVE!

Cup of Akim Pavlodar 2015 LIVE!

Sharp eye chess tactic

White to move. How can White get out of this mess?

3r2k1/5p1p/2n2qp1/2B5/p3Q2P/N5P1/bp1bRP2/6K1 w - - 0 1

SPF National Open for Boys and Girls in Northern California (A World Youth Qualifier - Over $100K in prizes)

Dear Chess Parents,

We sincerely invite you to join the SPFNO on February 27th - March 1st, 2015 in beautiful San Mateo, California.

In the course of the three-day chess festival, the SPFNO will award qualifications for:

- The Prestigious Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls
- The FIDE World Youth Chess Championship 2015 in Porto Carras, Greece.
- As well as $100,000+ in scholarships and prizes.

Please mark your calendars now and join us this February 27th - March 1st. We look forward to seeing you in San Mateo.


The prestigious annual Susan Polgar National Open Championship was created in 2006 and is sponsored by the Susan Polgar Foundation to give more opportunities to young chess players in the United States. The SPNOGB is an official qualifying event for the: The Prestigious Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls, and the FIDE World Youth Chess Championship 2015 in Porto Carras, Greece.

WHEN: 2/28 - 3/1/2015

WHERE: Prestigious 34,000 ft2 San Mateo Event Center – Free Parking provided by the Organizers
1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403


U8, U10, U12, U14, U16/18* in separate sections for Girls and Boys

All rated sections will be 6 Rounds, G/60 d5 – All players MUST be current USCF Members

New Sections Added: Saturday Only

Unrated K-2 and 3-6 Sections (for unrated players only) 5 rounds, G/30

Age Cut-Offs: To qualify for an age section the player cannot have reached the age of that section before January 1, 2015.

Example - to qualify for the U14 section the player cannot have reached 14 years of age before January 1, 2015, in other words he/she must be born in 2001 or later.

To qualify for the World Youth places your federation under FIDE must reflect USA otherwise the qualifier spot will go to the next player in line. 1st place in each age category will be a wild card representative for the SPICE World Youth Team. 

ROUND TIMES: 2/28 * Round 1 @ 9am * Round 2 @ 12:15pm * Round 3 @ 3:30pm

3/1/15 * Round 4 @ 9am * Round 5 @ 12:15pm * Round 6 @ 3:30pm

Unrated Sections: 2/28 * R1 @ 9am * R2 @ 10:30am * R3 @ 1pm * R4 @ 3:30pm * R5 @ 5pm

AWARDS: Unrated Sections: 2/28/15 @ 6:45pm; Rated Sections: 3/1/15 @ 6:45pm

Over $100,000 are awarded in prizes, which include trophies, computers, chess prizes and scholarships.

Trophies go to the top 20 players in all rated sections and top 10 in the unrated sections. In all sections the top 3 teams win trophies. All other participants will get medals.

The Winner of both the Girls and the Boys U16/18 sections each will win a $52,000 ($13,000/year x 4 years) scholarship to Webster University*.

Additional trophies will also be awarded to the: top players rated under 800 in the U8 sections; the top players rated under 1000 in the U10 sections; the top players rated under 1200 in the U12 sections; the top players rated under 1400 in the U14 sections; the top players rated under 1600 in the U16 sections; and the top players rated under 1800 in the U18 sections.

The first place winner in each of the girls’ sections will qualify for the prestigious Susan Polgar Foundation Girls’ Invitational. The first place winner in sections U8, U10, U12, U14, U16/18 will qualify for the World Youth Chess Championship 2015 in Porto Carras, Greece. Triple Crown Winners (main event, blitz, and puzzle solving) will receive $1,000 scholarship to help defray expenses to the 2015 World Youth (if participating**)

Team Rules: Minimum 2 players in same section from same school or feeder school (if feeder school parent / coach must provide proof). Top 3 scores count if more than 2 players on a team. A single school with many players cannot create additional teams in the same section. 1 team per section per school.

* Webster scholarships are not stackable. In other words, for example, if a student already won a similar scholarship to Webster U at another event, for them the scholarship will only have a $4,000 ($1,000/year x 4) value.

** After flight ticket has been purchased, a $1,000 reimbursement check will be sent to the winners.


2/27 – 6:30pm Q & A and 25 board Simul against GM Susan Polgar - FULL
2/28 - 5-5:30pm Puzzle Competition (one section). Trophies to Top 10, Top U1600, and Top U1000
2/28 - 5:45pm Blitz Tournament (one section). Trophies to Top 10, and Top 3 for U-10

HOTEL: Sofitel San Francisco Bay - Special Room Rate for this tournament $129
Call (650) 598-9000 for reservations 223 Twin Dolphin Dr., Redwood City


Main Rated Event – $60 if registered by 2/1; $80 after 2/20
Unrated Sections - $30 if registered by 2/1; $40 after 2/20
Puzzle Solving Competition - $15 if registered by 2/1; $20 after 2/20
Blitz Tournament - $15 if registered by 2/1; $20 after 2/20

Please click on the links to register for each event

Main Event * We do have a sibling discount for multiple children participating in this event, however, we are unable to process automatically process the discount at this time. Please go here to pay online with the sibling discount included

Susan Polgar 25 Board Simul and Q & A Session

2/27/15 – 6:30 pm Q & A and 25 board Simul against GM Susan Polgar

Puzzle Competition

2/28/15 -- 5-5:30 pm Puzzle Competition (one section). Top 10 will get trophies

Blitz Tournament

2/28/15 – 5:45pm Blitz Tournament (one section). Top 10 players will get trophies

Commemorative T-Shirt

If you would rather print out the application, click here. You can mail the application and check to:

16691 Colonial Trail
Lathrop, CA 95330

4 players remain perfect after 4 in Gibraltar

Full pairings here:

The Day's Play - TV Show - Tradewise Gibraltar Open Chess Tournament 2015 Episode 5

The Sicilian Najdorf Defense ... and more

Introducing The Ultimate Attacking Play Bundle [50% Off, EXTENDED for 24 hours!]

Posted on January 29,2015 By GM Damian Lemos in Non-Chess related, All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. Have you ever felt like you are just stuck at the same level in chess? You are still studying, training, and going to good tournaments but you can't seem to win the most important games or move forward? This happens a lot more than you might think. I had the same problem earlier in my chess career. I got stuck and could not manage to break through to my current level at the time. No matter how much I studied, no matter how hard I concentrated dur[...]

The Sicilian Dragon

Posted on January 27,2015 By GM Levan Aroshidze in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, Beginner's Corner. The Dragon variation is probably the most aggressive and ambitious line of the Sicilian defense, but at the same time it is quite risky. Black fianchettoes his dark-squared bishop and creates a strong pressure on the a1-h8 diagonal. Many people see some resemblance of Black's kingside pawn structure with the mythological creature, the Dragon. Thus, the whole setup is called the "Dragon variation." This line may fit perfectly for tactical players[...]

Understanding & Dominating your Chess Game with Pawn Structures

Posted on January 26,2015 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. Outplay your opponents using pawn structures! In the video "Understanding & Dominating your Chess Game with Pawn Structures" by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, we are taught about a few different types of pawn structures and how they influence the course of the game. He speaks about how we need to be good with positional ideas, because they are very important when dealing with the many different types of pawn structures that we will see during our[...]

The Sicilian Najdorf Defense

Posted on January 23,2015 By GM Levan Aroshidze in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, General Chess Articles, Beginner's Corner. The Sicilian Defense is the biggest and most complex setup of all chess openings. It is a semi-open playing system, in which Black tries to avoid the classic playing manner for equalizing the game and immediately starts an uncompromising fight for initiative. From the first moves, we get unbalanced pawn structures and very dynamic positions. The Sicilian Defense is separated into numerous sub-variations like the Najdorf, Dragon, Taimanov, Paulsen[...] is a producer of thousands of free chess articles and free chess videos by FIDE chess masters. They recently released the renowned Empire Chess series that has been taking the chess world by storm. Please consider checking out their chess blog and chess shop with tons of free updated previews.

Friday, January 30, 2015

SPICE’ing-Up Business Strategy with Chess

SPICE’ing-Up Business Strategy with Chess

Saturday, April 18, 2015
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST
Available Live in St. Louis or Virtual via WebEx

Click here to register.

Botswana Airfficiency Chess

Chess hosts airfficiency tourney
Jan 30, 2015 

The Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) will this weekend host the annual Airfficiency Year Opener Chess Tournament at the Legae Academy in Gaborone.

Expected to attract players from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa the tourney is sponsored to the tune of P15 00.00 by Airfficiency Year Opener (Pty) Ltd, an SMME that trades in laboratory and medical equipped and has become an important event on the BCF’s calendar.

According to BCF Public Relations Director Keenese Katisenge the event which is the first on the organization’s annual calendar earns players points for the World Chess Federation (FIDE) ratings.
On another note the BCF mouth piece revealed to Voice Sport that open section winner will walk away with P2000 cash while the ladies section winner will pocket P1000.

She added that medals, chess gifts and certificates will also be won at the event.

For his part BCF President Tshenolo Maruatona said they were looking forward to the New Year with renewed zeal and excitement as they once again pull together to local chess to another level.

He stressed that 2014 was quite an eventful year with its challenges and successes despite severe financial constraints with the Olympiad taking 95% of their money to the detriment of other events.

“We however still kept our head above water and post mortem analysis show that was 2014 was a great year for Botswana Chess”.

Full article here.

Young people becoming "Great Thinkers" through Chess

Iredell chess-playing students becoming ‘great thinkers’
Posted: Friday, January 30, 2015 9:28 am | Updated: 9:29 am, Fri Jan 30, 2015.
By Preston Spencer

A group of students huddled around a cafeteria table on Thursday, leaning in to get a better look at the next move being made.

But it wasn’t necessarily what you might expect from elementary and middle schoolers. This was no video game they cared about. It was a chess match.

“It has so many dimensions,” said Lakeshore Elementary teacher Charlotte Hickam, who helped organized Thursday’s chess tournament. “It makes great thinkers.”

Lakeshore Elementary’s cafeteria was transformed on Thursday after-school into a series of one-on-one chess battles, as eight elementary and middle schools brought their chess club students in to see exactly who is master of the board. The event’s been held for several years now, as an incentive to get kids to play the game and to allow them to test the skills they hone at their individual schools.

“I love the strategy of it,” Woodland Heights Elementary fifth-grader Reif Snyder said before a match. “I’ve played for two years now, and I’ve found I’m pretty good at it.”

Students as young as 5 participated on Thursday, along with those into middle school. Hickam said she’s been a little surprised at the amount of interest.

“I’m amazed at it, but these are high-level kids who choose to do this,” Hickam said.

Ann Marie McKean, whose son, Hayden, a Troutman Middle sixth-grader, was competing, loves that her son prefers to play Chess over games more popular with those his age. She said he got a new chess board for Christmas and is obsessed.

“It keeps him from playing Minecraft and other sort of stupid-izing games,” said McKean.

Full article here:

SPICE-y' Reboot

Feb. 16: You’re Invited to the Luhr Building ‘SPICE-y’ Reboot
Posted: 29 Jan 2015 03:10 PM PST

Come celebrate the “reboot” of the Luhr Building with your colleagues in Information Technology and SPICE.

President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble and Provost Julian Z. Schuster invite the Webster University community to:

A ‘SPICE-y’ Reboot for the Luhr Building

11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 16, 2015

Luhr Building – 475 East Lockwood

Join the celebration of the new home for Information Technology and the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE).

RSVP to Nancy Higgins at or 314-968-6959.

Gibraltar round 4 results - More upsets

Full results: