Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I WILL run for the 2007 USCF Executive Board

I have made my decision. I WILL run for the 2007 USCF Executive Board. I love chess and I cannot stand what some chess politicians have done to US Chess and the USCF. We HAVE to do better!

With four (potential) open seats, the future of the USCF depends on the upcoming Executive Board election. Many members want a new and improved USCF and are fed up with politics as usual. The level of animosity between the chess politicians is incomprehensible.

The USCF is one of the most important chess organizations in the United States. It is supposed to be a role model for other groups. For positive change to happen, the members must vote in the best candidates with the highest level of professionalism.

The USCF needs new talent. We need new energy, passion and dedication. We need honest people with integrity and high morals. Below are some of my goals.

The new candidates must be able to:

* Restore the respectability and credibility of the USCF.
* Restore a balanced budget.
* Restore the strong cooperation between adult, collegiate, youth and scholastic chess. The USCF needs to support and promote all its membership categories.
* Recognize that the USCF is in need of Professional Marketing and PR.

Drastic changes are in order for this federation to move in the right direction. We need strong leadership to rally the entire membership. It is up to us to take back control of the USCF. The members have the power to elect the best people to fix the problems.

Joining me will be Dr. Mikhail Korenman, NM Randy Bauer and FM Paul Truong. I fully expect that some of the chess politicians will make as much noises as possible to derail our efforts. Some will do everything they can to protect their pseudo power.

But together, we WILL be able to change things for the better. It is TIME to unite for the benefits of chess! It is TIME to end chess politics as usual! It is TIME for a new and much improved USCF! Thank you for your support!
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Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and the rest of your team.

You are doing a great job from outside.

Just make sure that the dirty politics doesn't sully your reputation. The way it should work is : you should affect USCF politics not USCF politics should affect you.

Good luck and God bless !

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan, I have just begun reading your blog but from what I have seen you seem to be honest and truly dedicated to Chess.

So I wish you best and hope you succeed in this!

Ken Tait said...

Living in England, I guess its not very important to me the in's and out's of USA chess. However, I was one of the people who advised against you going for election when you posted your thoughts a month or so ago.

My reasons for advising you to not enter the politics of chess has not changed, however, now that you have decided to do so, I genuinely wish you 100% success both in getting elected and bringing about the changes you feel necessary. I appreciate that you would not have made this decision without taking everything into considerate. So..... go for it Susan!

Andy said...

How does one get to vote in this election? (You would have mine.)

Anonymous said...

when is this bloody election? Imready

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the decision Susan, you are a rare commodity, someone who:
* Gets into politics because they really care about 'the people'
* Has the skills and passion required to survive politics.
* Really knows their portfolio !
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I am in Asia and I am not
a USCF member. But I hope
you can make it, and I
support you. Good luck

Anonymous said...

got my vote

Anonymous said...

Susan: We are all for you. Please let us know what we need to do to support you.

Anonymous said...

Susan - I'm not sure that the USCF deserves someone of your high level of character, leadership and professionalism. Nor do I think that you will deserve to deal with the mess that both winning and doing the job will entail. But if you think that it is the right thing to do ... good luck, and you have my vote!!

Anonymous said...

Super Great Susan.

You have my vote Positively for sure. It will take a hurd of elephants to keep me from voting. I will also work unofficially by recommending to all my chess friends that they all vote for you. And I will make efforts to "Get out the Vote" After all we need to get all the supporters to vote.

I am not worried about any details of your policies. I know you will make the best choices on all issues.

Like the old saying. If you want to get something done give the job to someone who is always so busy getting everything done. Some people are people who do things and get them done. You are that kind of person Susan. I know you will get things done.

I was going to make some jokes like maybe this will keep you busy. But obviously you are super busy all the time.

For someone who asked here. My understanding is that all members of the USCF get to vote except some young scholastic kids. Not exactly sure on the details.

I think there are 6 members of the board. so with 4 up for vote that could give a majority and the ability to get some things accomplished.

I think the usual vote is for 4 years. But Sam Sloan's seat was not on schedule since someone resigned a seat and so his election was for only one year.

I probably am wrong on the details above. hopefully someone can fill in the details. here are some details on USCF website on the election. it says "3 at large seats." not sure about the 4th. I will guess the 4th is not "at large" whatever that means.

A Voting Member for this election is any current USCF member as of May 31, 2007, who will be age 16 or older by June 30, 2007, and who lives in the United States.

so this implies that the election is after May 31.

now I was lucky to vote in the last election. but "Only 8.3% of eligible members did vote in the last USCF election."

Jennifer Shahade runs the website for USCF.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that many people in the last election did not get their vote in the mail. It was kind of a scandal.

I also forgot to say I will definitely vote for everyone on the slate. did not want it implied I was only voting for susan. I want everyone to win. we will need all the votes to get things accomplished.

note below: I have never personally met Susan. But I have met her here on this blog and can tell she is wonderful. Just like so many chess players can see how wonderful Susan is. Susan is the bright star shining toward a new and brighter chess future.

Kerry Liles said...

The anonymous post just before mine (if I type fast enough) should be ample warning Susan. There are a high percentage of morons who do nothing but complain. You will have your hands full I am afraid.

Best of luck and much success. This is the best news I have heard. I hope you can make a serious change for the better (I know that is your desire).

jimMD said...

YAY!!!!!!!! I have never voted in the past but you can believe I will be voting in 2007! You have MY support Susan. Thank you!

Jimmie Beatty

robert said...

Its like you already sacrifice your bishop 16.Bxh7. But if you can calculate all the variation and you think you will win, go for it with confidence!

GOOD LUCK! Don't forget you already sacrifice your Bishop, never retreat go for the KING!

irishspy said...

You've got my support. From what I've seen on RGCP and the last year on the USCF forums, change is desperately needed.

Of course, watching Sam Sloan go into full paranoid mode after this announcement should be entertaining. I just hope you have your armor on.

Polgar in 07!

Anonymous said...

You go girl. Here was Abraham Lincoln's election plan back when he first started out. (He started out as a Whig - this was before there were Republicans.)

1. Identify the Whig vote; 2. Expand the Whig vote; 3. Get the Whig voters to vote on election day.

Your team will have to run as a "ticket". You will need to make clear that you need the support of other members on the Board. That's why your supporters need to vote "the ticket".

I've been a life member since 1972 and I'm still unclear how the voting process works. I along with many other supporters will need some voter education on how to vote from your campaign. Do life members have a vote at all?

There is just a small pool of voters that will decide this election. I once ran in a local election and I knocked on several thousand doors in my town in my campaign. In this age of internet phoning (unlimited phone calls for free), I wonder if a telemarketing campaign would be in order. You may at first cringe at having to make all of those phone calls but after awhile it becomes routine. At least that was my experience when I went door to door. There are nice ways experienced politicians use to cut people off who want to talk on and on. Most people understand and are nice and respectful.

Speaking of going on, I know I need to stop. One last thought: a political campaign is like a chess game: you got to plan your work and work your plan. First thing you need to do is get together with your team and get a plan and PUT IT IN WRITING! How many votes do you need to win and how are you going to get those votes?

vvchess said...

Great Susan,

I am happy to see this. I was one of those that recommended you run in the first place.

Let us know what we can do.

All the best. You will win.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!
I'll vote you anyday!!

NewportNexus said...

Outstanding. You and your team have my vote.

Mike D., member, USCF

Anonymous said...

Susan, do you have a college degree?

Paulo said...

Good luck, Susan. I agree that you are too good to be dealing with so many people without character, but if you decided to go for it, you have all my support, I can't think of anyone better. I wish I could vote in USCF.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you will cease photoshopping pictures on your website too?

tfk said...

Great news Susan! I know you will win and great change and good works will come from this. Just remember will all the old corrupt USCF board members plotting against you, David slayed Goliath!!
God Bless You Susan and your staff to make American chess 1st rate the way the number 1 country in the world should be!!!

Bill Brock said...

Good luck, Susan!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Susan's everywhere!

Michael C.M. said...


I don't know how you'll find the time, but you've proven an expert at that time and time again.

Thanks for using it to benefit the future of chess.

An excellent slate of officers as well. Paul Truong and you have proven to be a formidable team. After your victory, nothing will be insurmountable

HubDiggs said...

You are the best! I hope that your positive personality will change USCF for the better.

Anonymous said...


I will vote for you and your team! You are doing the United States chess community an honor by running!

Thank you!

Henry said...

I'm so glad you are running! You have my vote!

Anonymous said...

My comments on the prior post requesting that you "disengage from ALL of your activities that are at conflict of interest with the USCF". Don't you dare stop all of the good things that you are doing for chess!! If the creative promotion of chess to a wider audience is a conflict with the historical do-nothing corruption of the USCF, than that's the kind of conflict I welcome.

chesschick said...

Wonderful! You definitely have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to let us know how to support you besides wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...


QM1 Todd R. Forbes (Ret) said...

Susan, I have never been moved to use my USCF vote before, but I will vote for you and your team. My view is that the Headquarters lacks professionalism. While most of these people mean well, they fail to meet its obligations to the sponsors, vendors, but most of all, its members. Please do something about customer service! I wish you great success at the USCF.

artichoke said...

"Anonymous said...
My comments on the prior post requesting that you "disengage from ALL of your activities that are at conflict of interest with the USCF". Don't you dare stop all of the good things that you are doing for chess!! If the creative promotion of chess to a wider audience is a conflict with the historical do-nothing corruption of the USCF, than that's the kind of conflict I welcome.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 11:37:21 AM "

Apparently this refers to a prior post that got removed; at any rate I don't see it any more. It raises an important point of balance.

I agree with its sentiment. I'm glad Susan is running because (and only because) I want her skill and energy working to build the USCF, not to have it taken over by outside interests.

Anonymous said...


Randy said...

Bless you Susan. I will rejoin the USCF so I may vote for you and the others and hope you sucessfully bring the needed changes and integrity that has been lacking!

Anonymous said...

I wish your team the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the look on Sam Sloans face as he heard this news!

Paul said...

I'll echo what Randy said: I will rejoin the USCF for the sole purpose of casting a vote. Thank you.

Ioannis said...

Susan, I wish you the best of luck! It's going to be tough, not only getting elected, but after that as well. If you keep your fighting spirit, you will do wonders!

Anonymous said...

You and your team will have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! You can count on my vote!

Anonymous said...

You and your "slate" have my vote, Susan. I appreciate everything you are doing for scholastic chess and s in chess. You are putting a lot of energy and smarts into promoting chess. Most importantly, my 14 year-old daughter respects you greatly. How could I not vote for you!

- Chris Falter

Anonymous said...

Good for you.

You won't make any difference.

Facts are straight and simple :

- United States is a capitalist state.

- In order to promote some game, you have to persuade big corporations. In order to persuade them you have to show ways of making money through advertisement.

- Most of the people are either stupid or too lazy to understand chess. One has to put lots of effort in order to understand what's going on in a game between two GMs. Chess is neither like soccer nor football nor baseball.

- Non of the top GMs are idols for masses.

- There once was an American chess idol who is now forced to live in Iceland. Some people might claim that it was his actions which led to this situation, but others might claim that it was his native country's actions (hostility to the rest of the world) that led to it.

I wish you the best of luck with your chess thingy in US.

artichoke said...

Scholastic chess can get sponsorship, and Susan is very good at obtaining it. It seems women's chess might be able to get sponsorship. Plain old regular chess, which usually involves two adult males, doesn't get funded.

However we adult males, who make up most of the USCF membership and are certainly its longest term members, don't want our interests subsumed to scholastic chess.

I'm sure that Susan, if elected, would perform her USCF duties in the broad interests of existing USCF members at the time. That's why I support her candidacy.
If the sponsorship doesn't appear, I would never blame her. One can't create sponsors out of thin air.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! This is great news for all USCF members!

Joe Pro said...

It is the season of miracles and Heaven has answered our prayers. Good luck and tell us how we can support you.

Ed Stoddard said...

I will definitely vote for you when I get my ballot. Thank you for running!

wpraeder said...

Five Questions for 2007 USCF Executive Board Candidates

Dear Executive Board Candidate;

As a candidate for the USCF Executive Board could you please address the following questions?

1. What is your senior management experience and qualifications to be a member of an Executive Board for a multimillion-dollar not-for-profit corporation? What is your current occupation and how does that relate to your qualifications? Describe your most successful business ventures and projects. In your view what are the most important qualifications needed to serve on this corporate board? Consistent with DM01-72 and DM06-18 will you disclose here any competing interests and felony convictions? Will you sign the following board member agreement if you are elected as well as observe the associated principles during this election? [ ]

2. According to the Bylaws of the US Chess Federation the purpose of the Federation shall be educational and instructional, to broaden and develop chess as art and recreation, as a significant element of culture in America. In this regard, has the organization been successful? Why or why not? How should the organization measure success? If we succeed at our purpose, how should we look to the public? What indicators and processes should we use to find out whether our board is doing its job?

3. To achieve our mission, how must we look to our members? What needs to be learned from current and potential members in order to better align the organization with their needs and wishes? How can we help the membership better understand the value of their contributions? What would be your approach to help engage and grow the regular USCF membership?

4. What in your view are the core values of this organization? How should these values be expressed in how we function? How would you suggest the USCF demonstrate these values to provide appropriate leadership in the chess world?

5. What should be most different about the board or how we govern in five years? To be accountable to our members, how should we govern the corporation?

Thank you very much for your interest in representing the interests of the membership. You may wish to publicly post your answers for the benefit of the USCF membership. I'm sure the membership will find your responses both useful and thought provoking. Best of luck to you in your efforts to serve on our behalf.

Wayne Praeder

Michael D said...

Best wishes in yout upcoming election. I will vote for you hoping for positive change.

Michael Bluejay said...

Your strong promotion of chess is well-known and I won't hesitate to vote for you. But coud you elaborate about what you see as the specific problems with the current leadership? What exactly is "politics as usual"?

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
I just put my ballot in the mail today!
I voted for you, because you've really worked hard to get your name out and increase chess popularity, I have a young daughter so its very important she has a role model to look towards. You will be the voice and image of USCF chess, a very attractive one at that, thank you.
2. I voted for Paul Truong, at your bequest, chess needs a smile and he had the best one. I'm also voting for him because he can represent the Asian chess players. & Public Relations Ability.
3.I voted for Jim Berry, his player endorsements and willingness statement to work for free were impressive. He sounds like he has a deep love of the game. Banking Experience.
4.The last choice was a tough one. Between Bauer, Lux, Schultz, and Korenman.
I decided to pick someone you wished to work with Korenman, the four chess ideas he stated were good and with an education background with give good balance to the team.
-1 Joe Lux, I enjoyed reading Joes statement which made sense.
-2 Don Schultz
Schultz put forth some good ideas, but his Newsstand Sales was a backward idea & I have no idea what he was talking about regarding motherhood. The internet should eventually make the magazine obsolete. NEXT YEAR THE VOTING SHOULD BE DONE ONLINE, SAVING EVERYONE .41 AND TIME ETC. THE ONE THING I'VE NOTICED ABOUT THE USCF IS THEY HAVE LAGGED BEHIND EVERYONE ELSE IN ONLINE IDEAS. Even the great idea of a tournament locater tool needs alot of work! Slow transitions!
-3 Randy Bauer Probably a good candidate but to much focus about the negative, past and finger pointing. We don't need this type of negativity.
Mike Goodall Excellent statement! Basically a blog in Chess LIfe. He doesn't really want to get elected.
I suggest everyone not vote for Sloan and Jones. No smiles! Sloan sounds like a good guy and I would of voted for him, cause he sounds like he has done some good things, but why add negatives of your personal life!!!
Lastly Jones sounded more impressed with his past achievements than the future. I tip my hat to Jones for all his past work, but I think its time for him to go golfing.
Victor W ,USA Idaho 36, USCF 1604
Susan, Because of you this is the first year I've Voted! I'm sure you will lead us into the next decade. Good luck and health.