Sunday, December 24, 2006

MonRoi International Women's Grand Prix

MonRoi International Woman’s Grand-Prix

Women in chess are being recognized by a Grand-Prix series of international chess events. The events will be broadcast live using the MonRoi system. “The world’s best women chess players have the opportunity to qualify in some of the top tournaments in the world.

We invite you to follow live games, pictorial and video reports! Join us in Gibraltar, Cannes, Zagreb, Dresden, Liechtenstein, St. Petersburg and Philadelphia and Montreal!” said Brana Giancristofaro, Founder & CEO of MonRoi Inc.

The Grand-Prix Finale will be held in Montreal, Canada July 21-28, 2007. Qualifiers will be selected on the basis of top performance and will compete for Finale prizes! The Grand-Prix starts on January 23rd, 2007, in Gibraltar! Qualifying events are the following:

GibTelecom, Gibraltar, January 23 - February 1
Cannes Open, FRA, February 18-25
Zagreb Open, CRO, March 17-25
ECU Individual, Dresden GER, April 2-15
Liechtenstein Open, May 11-19
White Nights, St. Petersburg RUS, June 16-24
World Open, Philadelphia USA, June 28 - July 4
Montreal Chess Festival Finale, July 21-28

“The agreement between the ECU and MonRoi is an important step for marketing of chess.” said Boris Kutin, President of the ECU. “The combination of modern technology and chess in Europe offers new possibilities with the Grand-Prix launch.” continued Horst Metzing, the ECU General Secretary. Sava Kizova, the ECU Grand-Prix Director explained that when a tournament enrolls in the Grand-Prix program, it gets numerous services- the tournament is listed on the Grand-Prix webpage, it receives 100 MonRoi PCMs for up to 100 live games in each round, technical support, tournament website, professional quality photos and videos, MonRoi live game server with player photos, sponsor logos, last move indicator, chessboard selection, brilliancy vote option and commentaries.

“I have worked hard for years to try to bring more recognition for women chess players worldwide and I am very happy to see strong backing by a prestigious company like MonRoi. The Women’s Grand Prix is truly a historic event!” Susan Polgar

“I am very pleased to know that, due to the initiative of MonRoi, an international Grand Prix is happening. This will aid the development of chess considerable”. said Stewart Reuben, GibTelecom Director.

“The Association of Chess Professionals is extremely glad to welcome the MonRoi International Women's Grand Prix on the chess scene! Women's chess has been lacking tournaments for many years now. MonRoi brings all elements necessary for its revival. There's no question that the ACP will do anything possible to support this event.” The ACP Board

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Go MonRoi!! Congratulations! Happy holidays! Wish I were female!

Anonymous said...

The ACP? Now seeing that organization supporting this and NOT FIDE should make FIDE start to worry.

I've stated this before in here on the blog...but women chess players are NOT supported adequately by FIDE. This is a big broadside against FIDE and a warning they had better wake up. Women chess players cannot be ignored anymore.

The names that come to mind besides the Polgar sisters include The Kosintseva sisters, Aneoneta Stevanova, Zhu Chen, Almira Skripchenko, etc. These are top notch women chess players who deserve better in terms of promotion, prizes and plain RESPECT.

I will say it again...FIDE has ignored women chess to see the ACP supporting this venue is not only a welcome surprise...but a clear indication that FIDE's day in the sun are numbered.

MayanKing said...

I first got to use a mon roi when I played Susan Polgar at her simul in Las Vegas this year. I loved the device and one day may own one. It is a great way to enter games instead of writing the moves down. It is amazing what this technology has done where used in tournaments. I look forward to seeing the games live!

Anonymous said...

I have made several posts saying the "low hangng fruit" in chess marketing is the women masters.

Smart move by MonRoi.


Anonymous said...

The women have an International Grand Prix. The men have nothing. Nice going FIDE. You again show you can do nothing so very well.

Anonymous said...

Women are the future of chess. There is no corruption in women chess, only you men make chess ugly sometimes. Sometimes I think only women should play chess.