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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MonRoi is a big hit at the CYC

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Anonymous said...

here's a dumb question.. what is that device? looks like an iPod but i assume it's for note taking. what's it called?

rd said...

Great sponsorship, a great venue. There is no reason why we can have this kind of excitement in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

The device looks like an ipod but it serves a different function. Players will see a chess board on their screen. They use a stylus to record their moves which are transmitted to a computer in the playing hall where the move is recorded (so its like an electronic score sheet) and moreover relayed out to the web! Parents and others interested can therefore follow there children's games live (since they are typically not allowed in the play hall).


Dr. H. R. Karlsson
Assoc. Prof.. TTU
Member of the SPICE Group

Anonymous said...

The Monroi device is a digital scorepad. The photo looks like maybe instructions are being give no players unfamiliar with the device.

Anonymous said...

I like to write my moves down on paper! No kidding! I prefer the old way to the digital way.

I also keep all my scoresheets....