Monday, October 22, 2007

Stating the facts

When I ran for the USCF Executive Board, threats were made toward me and my family unless I dropped out from the election. I refused and the members spoke up overwhelmingly. After I took office, more threats including blackmail were made toward me to resign from the board. They said that if I did not resign, they will contact Texas Tech University to try to get me fired and they will do everything possible to destroy me and my family.

This group of small minded people will do everything to protect the status quo. If they can do this to me, imagine what they will do to others who do not have a voice or a forum to speak out. I have been publicly called by 4-letter words, female body parts, and more. I have been screamed and cussed at on the phone. This is the kind of abuse one can face by going up against the establishment. And this is only a small part of I have to go through. It seems like chapters in a bad novel but unfortunately, it is a reality.

In the past few months, various people have lobbied to have the Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls cancelled. They want to destroy all my efforts to promote chess for young people, especially girls. They want me to stop finding better opportunities for our professional players. They have no concern about the growth of College Chess. They could not care less about doing the right things for our game. Our professionals are struggling. Our young players are still dropping out at a high rate. We still have done nothing to look for sponsorships and expansion. We, as a federation, are not doing enough to positively promote the USCF.

In the last few weeks, false posts were made and rumors were spread that Texas Tech University has withdrawn support of scholarships and the Susan Polgar Foundation has canceled all tournaments including the upcoming Reshevsky Memorial, the Susan Polgar National Open for Girls, Boys and International Open (where we are giving out over $100,000 in scholarships, laptop computers and cash and chess prizes, etc.) as well as the Susan Polgar World Open Championship for Girls and Boys, all without making a penny for myself. In fact, I have to put in my own time, effort and money.

The same people also tried to spread more lies by saying that my husband and I have resigned from the USCF Executive Board. Some confidential correspondence between board members was leaked out to the same group of people. I have saved every email and post. Everything will be introduced in due time.

There is not an ounce of truth to these vicious rumors. I am not resigning and I have no intention of resigning. I intend to fight this all the way. This is why I ran for the board. Due to the legal situation, I cannot go into details. But once the legal issues are over, I will speak out about this extensively. Now that I am on the USCF Executive Board, I finally understand the real problem behind the scene, things that most members are not aware of.

Thank you for your supporting posts, emails and phone calls. I am not a quitter. I made a promise to the USCF voters when I announced my candidacy 11 months ago and I intend to keep my promise. We all deserve better.
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JB said...

Hang in there Susan. Don't let them intimidate you. Don't quit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Susan we do not even see the tip of the iceberg! Stand firm, (that is the most important thing for what you believe in. Never compromise your vision or your faith. Even people who are not associated with chess recognize your achievements and dedication to the sport. It is also evident in your family as well. I know your are strong but I would still like to encourage you to not get discouraged. People who rage spitefully at others, those who lie, cheat,a malign others will usually fall to pieces on their own. We do not have to treat them with slanders or seek to extract revenge. That would compromise our own integrity.
I am sure there are thousands out there, like my family and I, that support you 100%. Stay tough.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that I'm not surprised. Unlike you, I've had enough of the uscf. I now play on icc only. I wish you luck in fighting loonies like Sloan and his supporters.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people would treat you that way. Keep going.

Jared said...

Don't give up, Susan. You're going to beat them.

Anonymous said...


Hang in there! It's because of lunatics like the ones attacking you that I left the USCF and play chess as a hobby with other friends who are also former USCF members.

You have to treat these chess politics like a chess game and not fall for their traps. Checkmate them!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Susan! I read all the posts about this on other blogs, and it's truly like a bad novel. My thoughts are prayers for your protection and success.

Jadwin (on ICC)

Anonymous said...

Susan what can we do to help? Please continue your good works for the game and for children.

Michigan Chess Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Europe (east-side),

it all sounds so "already seen" to me.
It all sound so "the last desperate try of the the old".
Somehow like conter-revoluzzer´s last shot.

No question: it is the last desperate shot in the dark.
Because they really cannot top this.

We are proud of you, Susan Polgar!!
You really have power and good nervs.
You are strong enough to win this
Its about all your work in the last 2 years. And about much much more.

Keep cool, keep calm - even though it is not easy.

This group just disband itself by the descibed actions. Everybody of them is already in fear right now.
Because your first strike-back was like a brutal hit for them.

The whole community has to take the fight!

Keep calm, Susan. Thats the most importent right now.

best wishes


MayanKing said...

Susan, I am so sorry to hear of this terrible ordeal you are going through. I feel you are trying so hard to do what wil benefit chess in the USA and it is a shame people are putting up resistance and slandering your good name. I feel honoured to have such a great person on the USCF board and if you need anything besides our support please let us know what we can do minimize the bad puppies trying to destroy our chess game.

Maxwell843 said...

Stay strong Susan!!!
you are doing amazing things for chess, keep the good work up!!

you have all my support and best wishes!!!

davx said...

Susan, I'm sorry to here what you are going through. Obviously they do not know who they are dealing with, you know better than I, that you did not become a World Champion by backing down or being intimidated. You have done wonders for the game, especially with the children.
We, the majority, support you 100% and you are in our thoughts and prayers during these trying times...

sudhir said...


We are all behind you !!! Don't dither .. Don't quit !

Anonymous said...

This is so disturbing Susan. You're about the best thing in chess. It's so upsetting. I'm glad you went public. These kind of people don't want the light. Show them the light and they will crumble. Thanks for being there for chess. You really are special.

Anonymous said...

You should stay away from anyone who supports Sam Sloan. You're right. We all deserve better than Sam Sloan and his supporters. Keep up your fight for what is right. Never sell your soul.

rog said...

Every community has its share of malcontents. What is so disturbing to me is that in this one, they still have an audience to play to. The US chess scene should have turned their backs to them long ago.

Seattle Seahawks said...

So many people have been using Sloan to further their agenda and to destroy their political opponents. This has gone on for years. The proof is all the leaks by this and past boards. I agree with Mr. Erik Anderson. It's impossible for the current system to function properly. Perhaps it's time to organize a new one.

amar said...

Susan - I'm sure everything will turn out OK in the end. I don't live in the USA,and am surprised that such things happen over there. A lot worse happens where I live. I guess deep down we humans all share the same capacity for evil. Wishing you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Susan, never compromise your integrity. Don't let them intimidate you.

Anonymous said...

Hang tough Susan we believe in you. The slimes that are attacking you, once they are shown to be liars, will be weaker than ever before. The truth will win out.

Robert said...

Someone please post a website address where we can read the whole story.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

why would uscf not want chess promoted?? if this is all true then only one thing comes to mind its always about money money money. hang in there kid and good luck. you must be hitting a nerve somewhere!

Nikolai Pilafov said...

the story is rather long and many sites cover parts of it. You are welcome at

Anonymous said...

How could anyone support nuts like Sam Sloan, Marcus Roberts and Ray Gordon? They all belong in mental institution with Bobby Fischer. What a wack job!

Insanity said...

Easy. Many chess politicians don't want their hands dirty. So they use losers like them to destroy their opponents. It's laughable to say that Sloan is a gentleman. After all, this guy only brags about screwing minors in 3rd world countries and posts their naked pictures on his website. Let's all donate money for Sloan to start a new honest chess federation. We can also add non-conflict president Goichberg as the new president. That's the perfect solution. Only if we can find a rich person to back this new venture and an attorney who'll sue the opposition.

Anonymous said...

When money and power combine together and communication with a culture, it will always attract those that wish to utilize that money and power for their personal agendas instead of to truly serve the organization or its membership.

Few are those that truly see it for what it is and want to change it for the better. Far too many are those that don't want to fight it but try to work within the system however flawed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

I am one of your supporters and after reading your posts, I feel sorry for you but one word of advice, don't give up your dreams because of other people's intimidation. You have proven yourself to be strong by becoming a grandmaster and breaking the gender divide, I believe that you will possess similar strength to overcome all these threats. Based on your credibility, you should be standing on a stable footing. Other people have trusts in you as seen by the number of supporters. Even the TV productions are seeking you for their works, so you shouldn't be swayed by other people comments.

In fact, those people who are giving you rude remarks and profanities are just jealous of you and they are scared of getting outshine by your contributions and results. These people lack the sportsmanship which is a quality that all chess players should possess. Ultimately, all of us will understand that your effort in promoting chess will be beneficial to the world everywhere and those people who threaten to demolish your effort are seen as adversaries who try to stop or slow down progression of the greater cause, which is to promote greater intellectual advancement through peace and harmony. The public should know and judge for themselves who are for and who are against promoting chess. Let time reveal.

Great people lead not easy lives. I continue to have faith in you and hope that you persevere and continue your works. Though I am a man, I greatly admire your bravery and courage in breaking gender divide. Through this, it has changed my view of woman and now see them as those who are as equally capable as the opposite sex. Now your job is to prove the whole world that your effort is for a good cause!

On your report card, I would definitely give a shining A+++ for your hard work! Good job susan!

Anonymous said...

Why do not you take legal actions?

SusanPolgar said...

I am. That is why I cannot discuss many details. They will be clearly presented in court.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

Anonymous said...

Is there a single accusation here that is not pointed toward an anonymous source? Perhaps a substantive complaint would net you more serious help. This all appears pretty vacuous.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everything always has to be such a mystery. "People I can't name are doing things that I can't describe," et cetera.

Why not just say "Sam Sloan is at it again" and have done with it? He's not realy a "them", though, is he? Multiple Personality Disorder doesn't seem to be one of his faults.

Kerry Liles said...

I don't know why everything always has to be such a mystery. "People I can't name are doing things that I can't describe," et cetera.

Well, surely you can see that doing what you suggest (naming names etc) is counter-productive from a legal point of view?

Anyone who has been following the USCF elections and the postings about it know who the trouble makers are, and what they are trying to do.

Unfortunately, it is far too easy for people to spread innuendo and lies and influence gullible people (there are many).

Anonymous said...

The wheels of justice turn slowly in your case. Justice delayed is justice denied. I hope you have competent legal representation.

jeff1040 said...

I applaude your efforts! I have not been involved at all in the politics of USCF, but have sensed for a lont time time something is wrong.

Let those things that are hidden be revealed. There will be victory -- "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

Anonymous said...

>>Well, surely you can see that doing what you suggest (naming names etc) is counter-productive from a legal point of view?

Maybe in this case, when a lawsuit is involved. But it seems that all through the election we were told that unnamed people were doing unspecified things, and that was why we should vote for the Polgar slate. Even in non-campaign, non-legal matters, it seems there's a pronounced tendency here to respond to things without being clear about exactly who or what it is that's being responded to. That's fine for those in the know, but what about the ones who aren't?

I think a simple "No Comment" would be better in these cases. You know, you're either going to dignify something by an answer or you aren't. Trying to do both at the same time is just confusing.

Anonymous said...

You have conditioned yourself for battles of this sort by your record as an excellent chess player. You have faced many challenges through your journey in life and we have observed from the sidelines. You are strong willed and possess great social skills and knowledge. You walk the talk, young lady, and that seperates you from the crowd.

Keep your head up and please know that you have many supporters in lfe.

Good luck to you and Paul in this new challenge. You are prepared and at the top of your game. Develop your strategy and don't take any prisoners.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see Tech and the community coming out and supporting Susan and Paul during these hard times. It seems like a relatively small gang of rouge USCF members (the Sloan Gang) is causing all this trouble.

How can we/you help? Show your support by sending e-mails or letters to the university officals thanking them for hiring Susan and Paul and for supporting them. Their supporters at Tech took a huge step in supporting chess - especially scholastic chess - by hiring Susan and Paul and setting up SPICE. By supporting SPICE and Tech we will show other colleges that are considering establishing chess programs that there is a lot of support out there in the chess community for such efforts.

Member of the Texas Tech Family and USCF

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

Rich in Phoenix said...

Susan, Keep fighting the good fight for the sakes of all us chessplayers in the USA who want to have a national chess organization we can be proud of.

I'm sorry to hear that even after you and your people got elected to the Board, that you are unable to make any changes or impact to the USCF organisation.

Trying to change things through litigation is a long and expensive way to go. I just hope you have a lot of resources and can afford the best lawyers. It may be a year or more and many dollars before anything substantive even happens. In the meantime the USCF members get to enjoy the same-ol, same-ol type of organization.

Anonymous said...

I have rather given up on this blog because its chess-content and credibility has been going South. So I haven't read this anguished post by SP until now.
I'm not prepared to give any weight to accusations that there are bad guys out there saying incorrect things unless sources are provided, and refutations are proferred here at the time. There are too many inspecifics.
I would much rather here positive, specific information as to how SP/PT, who promised so much, are going to improve the USCF. Blaming others is not good enough.
Don't waste time on Sloan and his like: they have nothing to offer.

Anonymous said...

Your plaintiffs set a legal trap for you and you walked right into it. Some of us tried to warn you but you either didn't read or heed the warnings. Now you can add God's gift to lawyers to your long list of titles. Your next realization will be that there are no winners in litigation, only losers, except the lawyers, who laugh all the way to the bank.

Rob said...

I stand behind you and Paul and will be most happy to be deposed.