Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Coach Ralph Bowman triumphed

Wyatt Semrad wins chess championship
By Colleen Surridge
Parsons Sun

ERIE - Erie CUSD 101 is standing tall after two of its schools' teams ranked the highest in the state at the Kansas State Chess Championships at Maize High School Saturday.

Galesburg Grade School's Wyatt Semrad, a second-grader, was named state champion of the K-6 section.

"That is the first time a CUSD 101 student in any grade has been named state champion," said Erie chess coach Ralph Bowman. "That includes elementary school, junior high and high school."

The entire Galesburg team walked away with a first-place trophy as well, and the Erie High School team won first place in the 3A chess championship for the 19th time this year, and placed second in the state among all-sized schools, Bowman said. Lawrence took first.

"It is said that miracles never cease, and I certainly believe it," said Galesburg chess coach Nancy Sherman. "It was an awesome job by awesome kids."

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Air Force Chess

Three's a charm for Schriever chess champ
by Staff Sgt. Don Branum

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

3/13/2007 - SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Three years, three tournaments, three wins.

Robert Bucholtz of the 50th Space Communications Squadron here earned his third consecutive base chess championship on one win and two draws against competitor Adin Umana of the 7th Space Operations Squadron.

The victory did not come easily for Bucholtz, who had not played a match since the 2006 Interservice Championship. Game 1 came down to the wire as Bucholtz forced a draw by three-move repetition with 10 seconds left on his game clock. Game 2 ended with a victory for Bucholtz as Umana's clock ran out of time. Game 3 ended in an agreed draw as Umana's pieces bore down upon Bucholtz's king's side.

Bucholtz claimed the center of the board early in the first two games, using his pawns to back up one another. In contrast, Umana bode his time, countering Bucholtz's center position only after his knights and bishops could cover his pawns' advance.

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Michelle Chen - Susan Polgar All-Star Team Member

Michelle Chen, 9 MA 1636 (Highest ever rating 1659)

I started to learn chess when I was almost six. About a year later, I started to go to chess tournaments and began my trophy collections. I started playing adults about a year ago. Playing adults is fun and help improving my chess skills. Recently, in February 2007, I won in tiebreakers in a first place tie in the MA state championship for 11 & under. I also won first place for fourth grade in MA grade chess championship. I love to play chess and hope to beat a master soon. Besides playing chess, I also enjoy playing the piano and building LEGOS.
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Middlegame Tactic

Black to move. How should Black proceed? This is actually a real game from one of my students.
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Chess Painting

Chess painting by Mr. Arrabal
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New flyer and poster


This is the campaign flyer and poster for the upcoming USCF Executive Board Election. As I stated before, I highly recommend these 3 other candidates for the following reasons:

FM Paul Truong: He is by far the most successful person in chess marketing, promotion, public relations and management. He can bring something to this federation that no one could in the past. He will also help fix many current weaknesses of the USCF and end the destructive chess politics.

Dr. Mikhail Korenman: He has a strong record in promoting and organizing major chess events. He’s a member of the USCF Scholastic Council. He is well respected by many people, including former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, 7-time World Champion Anatoly Karpov, and many others. He can help unite the USCF.

NM Randy Bauer: He has had tremendous success as the budget director of the state of Iowa, dealing with a multibillion dollar budget. We need his financial and budgeting expertise to help end massive losses.

The current state of our federation is not healthy! We are losing money year after year while other chess organizations thrive. Sponsors don’t want to deal with us. Supporters are tired of our internal political destruction. Some board members have repeatedly violated the USCF code of ethics as well as the members' trust. There is no end to this destruction in sight unless we demand positive changes by putting the most capable people in place.

Here are some of my areas of focus for the USCF:

- Restore respectability, integrity, credibility and professionalism to the USCF.
- Reestablish a sound and balanced budget.
- Develop strong cooperation and support for adult, scholastic, collegiate, correspondence and military chess.
- Establish a strong professional marketing and PR system.
- End the petty and destructive politics.

Please join me in this mission to reform the USCF. The future of the USCF is in our own hands. We cannot continue to status quo. It’s not working. It is sinking this federation.

I cannot do this alone. I need the help of a team of highly qualified and competent board members to work on fixing the USCF. That is why we need Mikhail Korenman, Randy Bauer and Paul Truong.

Thank You for Your Support! Please Vote!

This flyer is available in PDF format on my website www.SusanPolgar.com. Here is the link: http://www.susanpolgar.com/The2007USExecutiveBoardElection.pdf

Please feel free to download, print it out or distribute to anyone you wish. Thank you!
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Google in trouble?

Viacom Sues Google Over YouTube Clips
Updated: 2007-03-13 10:42:34

NEW YORK (March 13) - Media conglomerate Viacom Inc. said on Tuesday that it was suing Google Inc. and its Internet video-sharing site YouTube for more than $1 billion over unauthorized use of its programming online.

The lawsuit, the biggest challenge to date to Google's ambitions to make YouTube into a major vehicle for advertising and entertainment, accuses the Web search leader and its unit of "massive intentional copyright infringement."

Viacom filed the suit with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, seeking more than $1 billion in damages and an injunction against further violations.

Viacom contends that almost 160,000 unauthorized clips of its programming have been uploaded onto YouTube's site and viewed more than 1.5 billion times.

Here is the full article.

What do you think? Have you ever visited YouTube? Do you think Viacom has a legitimate case?
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Big turn out for chess in Maine

Students compete in chess tournament
By Roxanne Moore Saucier
Tuesday, March 13, 2007 - Bangor Daily News

ORONO - Three hundred youngsters from all parts of the state came to the University of Maine on Saturday for the Maine Scholastic Team Chess Championships in several categories.

Hard-fought, close battles and team camaraderie were the order of the day.

In the championship division, titles were won by John Bapst Memorial High School of Bangor, high school level; Orono and Deer Isle-Stonington, co-champions for junior high; Airline Community School, K-3; and Deer Isle-Stonington and Cape Elizabeth, co-champions for K-6.

Fourteen high school teams of five players each faced each other in match play on the championship level. The final round saw old rivals John Bapst and Deer Isle-Stonington face each other for the state team title.

In a match that went down to the wire with flags hanging and about to fall, John Bapst reclaimed the high school crown, with the second-place trophy going to Deer Isle-Stonington.

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The Norway Post: Carlsen proved that he belongs

Chess: Magnus Carlsen 2nd in Linares

Norwegian Grand Master (GM) Magnus Carlsen (16) shared second place in the annual Linares chess tournament held in the Andulsian province of Spain.

Linares, culminating Sunday March 11th, is one of the major annual tournaments held on the chess tour.

Eight of the world finest chess players were invited to the tournament. They played against each other twice. Once with black, and once with white, making a total of 14 rounds.

Carlsen is one of the biggest young chess talents in world. He is ranked as number 24 in the world, and as such was the lowest seeded in the tournament. But with a rating performance of sterling 2778 in Linares tournament, Carlsen proved that he belongs with the very top players.

By beating top seeded Bulgarian GM Topalov once, and by beating number five in the world, Ukranian GM Ivanchuk twice, this tournament has become the big breakthrough for Magnus. It is expected that Carlsen now will get an invitation to all the major tournaments on the chess tour.

Only the world's second top seeded chess player, GM Viswanathan Anand from India, managed to beat Carlsen twice.

Magnus Carlsen, only 16, was the youngest player in this tournament, while Anand with his 38 years was the oldest. By winning this tournament, Anand will be ranked as the number 1 world chess player on the April list made by World Chess Federation.

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Create your own caption

Mr. Kasparov - Create your own witty caption :)
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Internet Reliability

This is a funny story. The man above is Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia. He did not realize that he likes to play chess until he read an entry about himself on Wikipedia. Apparently, someone decided that he likes chess so they added that part to his bio.
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