Monday, February 11, 2008

Special Chess Records

Best match record: William Steinitz played 27 chess matches between 1862 and 1896. He won 25 of the 27 matches with a record of 160 wins, 70 losses, and 57 draws.

Highest Elo rating: In the Jul 99 and the Jan 00 FIDE rating list, Garry Kasparov's rating was 2851. On the women's FIDE list in Jul 05 and the Oct 05, my sister Judit's rating was 2735.

Highest per capita chess population: Iceland has the highest per capita chess population on the planet.

Highest per capita chess grandmasters: Beersheva, Israel, has the highest percentage of GMs per capita of any city in the world.

Largest public chess library: The largest public library for chess is the J.G. White Collection at the Cleveland Public Library. The library carries over 32,000 chess books and over 6,000 volumes of bound chess periodicals.

Largest personal chess library: The largest private chess library belongs to GM Lothar Schmid. He has over 20,000 chess books.

Largest Chess Olympiad: The 35th Bled Chess Olympiad in 2002 had 136 men’s teams and 92 women’s teams.

Longest World Chess Champion: Emanuel Lasker was the World Chess Champion for almost 27 years (26 years and 337 days to be exact).

Most chess moves in a single game: The longest chess game is 269 moves between Ivan Nikolic vs. Goran Arsovic. The game was played in Belgrade in 1989 and ended in a draw which took over 20 hours.

Most single game chess moves in a World Championship: The longest World Championship game lasted 124 moves between Korchnoi and Karpov which ended in a stalemate. This was their 5th game in the 1978 match in Merano, Italy.

Can you add more chess records to this list?

Rusty Miller just sent me this:

The NORTHWEST CHESS magazine of which the Jan 2008 issue is number 715. The publication started in Oct 1947 as WASHINGTON CHESS LETTER, and later was called NORTHWEST CHESS LETTER and then just NORTHWEST CHESS. It comes out monthly and has every month since the start. Very few US publications are or have been monthly ones. It is the joint publication of the Washington Chess Federation and the Oregon Chess Federation and has been for most of it's life.

Thanks Rusty!
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Anonymous said...

Of course your own record for simul :-)

Ed said...

US Championship Records:
Most Tournaments:
1)Browne 24
2)Benjamin 23
3-5)Christiansen, Gurevich, Reshevsky 21

Tournament Games:
1)Benjamin 274
2)Reshevsky 269
3)Browne 267

Tournament Wins:
1)Reshevsky 127
2)Browne 85
3)Benjamin 78

Tournament Losses:
1)Gurevich 74
2-3)Browne, Kudrin 68

Tournament Draws:
1)Benjamin 151
2)Christiansen 131
3)R.Byrne 126

Highest Winning Pct.
1)Fischer .822
2)Fine .781
3)Onischuk .722

Joker said...

Most frivolous chess lawsuits:

1. Sam Sloan
2. Ray Gordon

Anonymous said...

Was the simul recognised by the Guinness Book of Records? I read somewhere that there was no GBoR representative.

Anonymous said...

THE Chess Records page is at

Anonymous said...

was fischers 20 str8 wins a record or his 12-0 against taminov and larson? how about most point swing in 10 games in world championship match anyone?

rjf said...

Lubbock Texas has the most pretty GM in the world!

MarkM said...

Shortest victory in a world championship match: 19 moves-Zukertort/Steintz 1886 (game 20) 1-0

First university to have a chess club: Oxford, 1845

First newspaper chess column: Liverpool Mercury, 1813


Anonymous said...

Shortest game:

Short - Chepanov

2 ply move

Anonymous said...

Chess played at highest altitude:

Mir International Space Station

Anonymous said...

Oldest Chess player in to 100:

Viktor the Terrible

scugrad said...

Wasn't the 1978 World Championship between Karpov and Korchnoi in Baguio, not in Merano?

Anonymous said...

Shortest game:

Short - Chepanov

2 ply move
I assume you mean Cheparinov. The forfeit was overturned and the game was played (short won in 72 moves). Even if it had stood it would not have been the shortest game.

Fischer - Panno, Palma de Mallorca Interzonal, 1970

1 c4! resigns

The exclamation point was because this was only the 2nd or 3rd time Fischer had opened with something other than e4, something Spassky should have been paying attention to. Oscar Panno staged a protest (nothing to do with fischer) and resigned in the 52nd minute, avoiding a time forfeit. This was win #7 in Fischer's string of 20 straight.

There have been several forfeit wins in one move (spassky-fischer reykavik 1972, topolov-kramnik elista 2007)

The shortest seriously played master level game was Đorđević - Kovačević, Bela Crkva 1984 which went 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5 c6 3.e3?? Qa5+ white resigns (bishop is lost for free).

Anonymous said...

topolov-kramnik elista 2007)


I assume you mean Topalov.

egaion said...

Thanks for this interesting information!

chesscampeona said...

I believe I am the youngest WOMAN CANDIDATE MASTER in the United States, I won my title at age 9. Right now I am 10.

WCM Claudia Munoz

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan,

Here's a cool website highlighting chess records

Anonymous said...

Yes, see above.
As Tim Krabbe is rather tired of people ripping information off his website and publishing it without atribution, I am not going to mention any records he has listed.
Just go to his site and give him the credit and respect that his work deserves.

big baby said...

"Anonymous said...
Yes, see above.
As Tim Krabbe is rather tired of people ripping information off his website and publishing it without atribution, I am not going to mention any records he has listed.
Just go to his site and give him the credit and respect that his work deserves."


chess master said...

What is a tournament in which one player won clear first place ahead of the most amount of players? For example, I do know that GM Viacheslav Eingorn once won a tournament clear first, ahead of about 500 other players in that section!