Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chess puzzle of the day

Puzzle by Heuecker, presented by Andreas

White to move. How do you assess this position? What is the best continuation for White?

8/B7/7P/4p3/7k/8/2K5/b7 w - - 0 1
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Anonymous said...

A block-the-bishop move seems to work: 1. Bd4 and if black takes with the pawn, then Kd3 prevents it from advancing and opening the diagonal for the bishop to defend h8. White wins. If black takes with the bishop, the same Kd3 will again prevent the pawn from advancing as black will lose the bishop. A good puzzle.

Anonymous said...

No. If Bd4 BXB Kd4 then Ba1!

First move should be Kd3
I think that will win

Anonymous said...

You are right. I was wrong. Bd4 seems to win.

If Ba1 as I suggested then Ke4

Anonymous said...

You glance at this position and you just know that the answer has to be 1.Bd4. The real problem is to figure out why.

Phil said...


If BxB then
Kd3 Ba1
Ke4 win

If exB then
Kd3 win

4i4mitko said...

this one is easy:))) Bd4

Juan said...
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egaion said...

Found it in seconds.
But it is new to me and I love it.
A classic!!

Anonymous said...

I love this puzzle I have never thought of this position. Great Bishop sacrafice.