Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Standings after 3 rounds

Standings 2008 SPNI

Polgar 2008 # Name ID Rtng Post St

Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot

1 Courtney Jamison 12746751 2046 2050 TX W18 W17 W11 3.0
2 Alexandra Wiener 12873148 1560 1606 CT W50 W16 W14 3.0
3 Brianna Conley 12821777 1573 1622 OH W49 W15 W25 3.0

4 Angel Bohannon 12782586 1700 1703 TX W31 W12 D6 2.5
5 Rebecca Lelko 12851444 1595 1625 OH W32 W20 D7 2.5
6 Rebekah Liu 12933645 1699 1701 CA W28 W33 D4 2.5
7 Rita Mirchandani 12864067 1813 1814 FL W36 W34 D5 2.5
8 Michelle Xue Chen 12918779 1762 1767 MA W37 D23 W27 2.5
9 Amelia Wheeless 12806981 1711 1714 NC W46 D24 W23 2.5
10 Linda Diaz 12908194 1726 1721 NY D26 W30 W24 2.5

11 Sayaka Foley 12918743 1652 1672 AZ W42 W13 L1 2.0
12 Melanie Newell 12780447 1198 1278 MS W19 L4 W34 2.0
13 Ashley Carter 12862296 1877 1863 MI W21 L11 W35 2.0
14 Janice Chen 12756646 1772 1757 UT W40 W35 L2 2.0
15 Fiona Lam 12963876 1727 1714 MD W38 L3 W37 2.0
16 Rheanna English 12807166 1713 1698 TX W39 L2 W40 2.0
17 Shinan Jin 12888704 1686 1685 PA W41 L1 W38 2.0
18 Emily Tallo 13526540 1349 1363 IN L1 W41 W31 2.0
19 Nisha Deolalikar 12760636 1726 1705 CA L12 W26 W39 2.0
20 Eve Zhurbinskiy 12878963 1747 1733 NJ W45 L5 W36 2.0
21 WCM Claudia Munoz 13481236 1324 1331 TX L13 W42 W32 2.0
22 Hannah Hellwig 12860260 1333 1341 AL L25 W43 W30 2.0

23 Jamie Olsen-Mills 12715484 1617 1613 UT W48 D8 L9 1.5
24 Michelle Farell 12848136 1506 1508 OK W47 D9 L10 1.5
25 Sylvia S Yang 12909161 1911 1889 TX W22 D27 L3 1.5
26 Joanna Gossell 13093568 1255 1272 MO D10 L19 W47 1.5
27 Taylor Bailey 12824524 1650 1649 OR W43 D25 L8 1.5
28 Sorel Edes 12833199 1098 1143 ME L6 D29 W46 1.5
29 Ananya Roy 12921220 1683 1644 GA L30 D28 W33 1.5

30 Morgan Mahowald 12595465 994 1037 MN W29 L10 L22 1.0
31 Dhrooti Vyas 12897244 1117 1144 IA L4 W44 L18 1.0
32 Annie Wang 13919214 879 922 CA L5 W45 L21 1.0
33 Ashbea Oyadomari 13734242 900 949 HI W44 L6 L29 1.0
34 Sonya Vohra 12902778 1621 1588 IL W51 L7 L12 1.0
35 Elizabeth Oliver 12933425 1322 1318 NE W52 L14 L13 1.0
36 Erica Barkell 12772627 1315 1311 ID L7 W51 L20 1.0
37 Georgia Olvera 13227926 1292 1289 TX L8 W48 L15 1.0
38 Mira Ensley-field 12895734 1258 1255 WI L15 W49 L17 1.0
39 Rebecca Deland 13470414 1166 1165 NM L16 W50 L19 1.0
40 Alexa Lasley 13658407 1141 1139 CO L14 W52 L16 1.0
41 Katrina Pritchard 13933202 1008 1017 KS L17 L18 W48 1.0
42 Susan Lynn Brown 12818234 969 976 VA L11 L21 W49 1.0
43 Crystal Qian 13469135 924 923 AR L27 L22 W52 1.0
44 Leanne Hwa 13956075 1436 1372 WA L33 L31 W50 1.0
45 Sarah Garza 13226614 1244 1207 TX L20 L32 W51 1.0

46 Autumn Douthitt 12840938 1154 1109 TN L9 D47 L28 0.5
47 Hannah Whatley 13269020 669 693 SC L24 D46 L26 0.5

48 Ann Marie Fitch 12980822 893 869 DE L23 L37 L41 0.0
49 Alisha Chawla 13341232 819 798 CA L3 L38 L42 0.0
50 Kaitlynn Loos 13302437 734 728 SD L2 L39 L44 0.0
51 Catherine Oliver 12933426 719 713 NE L34 L36 L45 0.0
52 Faith A Munoz 13999788 unr. 524 TX L35 L40 L43 0.0
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Anonymous said...

There must an error here: an odd number of draws!

Anonymous said...

Chess is a dangerous sport.

Anonymous said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9LborxiiIM does not explain how you acquire the 'WCM' - Woman Candidate Master - title.

The USCF site http://www.uschess.org/FIDEFAQ.php says players have to achieve FIDE 2000 to be a WCM.

But 'WCM' C Munoz appears to be in the 1300s and performing as such at the moment: let's see how things pan out.

Faith Munoz appears to be Claudia's elder sister, and maybe makes the number of participants even so everyone gets a game each round.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of data here: appears to be USCF Membership #, current USCF rating (not FIDE) and (?) Tournament Perf. Rating so far. Good work.

How is TPR calculated after playing the one unrated player Faith Munoz?

FIDE Patrol said...

"Anonymous said...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9LborxiiIM does not explain how you acquire the 'WCM' - Woman Candidate Master - title."

And you still haven't explained why you are a jack-ass troll.

I bet you are one of those freaking psychotic parents who beat their kids if they don't place at chess tournaments. Sucks to be your kids Poindexter. BTW, wear some deodorant, you stink Revenge of the Nerds.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.01: 'Draws' look ok to me - 7 in the '2.5s', 7 in the '1.5s' and 2 in the '0.5s'.
So there have only been 8 draws in the 3 rounds so far, and all are accounted for on both sides.

Anonymous said...

This blog, 22nd Jan, seems to confirm that C. Munoz's WCM Title is a FIDE title - puzzling. Perhaps someone can explain.

C Munoz's blog (!) confirms that her sister Faith is evening-up the numbers as Ellen Xiang (TX) is not in fact participating.

Faith (unrated) was probably given a notional USCF rating 'somewhere in the middle' to get things going. She has played players USCF-rated 1322, 1141 and 924 which is a tough ask for someone standing in. Next, she plays someone rated 734.

Faith also played the same role in the Blitz: she's obviously a willing kid.

Anonymous said...

Claudia Munuz has the WCM title because she won the North American Pan Am in her section.

Anonymous said...

All the girls here in the tournament really appreciate Faith Munoz for stepping up and playing when a player was needed to even up the players!!! Thanks Faith!!

El Profesor said...

I did not know I was required to give information on how my daughter won her WCM title. I would expect that a request such as that FIDE would appreciate to answer the question. However, I will do so.

Claudia Munoz won her FIDE title by representing the USA in the North American Youth Championship in Mexico which was a tourney where a direct pass to the Pan American was available. She was the only American willing to go to Mexico for this tournament.

She was faced the entire mexican team that represented that nation in the Pan American in Colombia.
She went undefeated.

She qualified for the SUSAN POLGAR INVITATIONAL because she won the Susan Polgar Open - Undefeated.

Here is the next catch.

Claudia's rating is "only" 1322 at age 10 because she does not live in the USA. For us to get her to a tournament in the USA requieres heavy finances. Yet if you see she only has one loss against Ashley Carter 1877.

My other daughter Faith was asked to play to fill in for Ellen Xiang. She did not have to do it but she realized that her participation would even the tournament pairing.

I read you question in our blog. What you should doing is thanking the Munoz family in investing in her so that she can represent the USA in international tournaments. In the Pan American, she defeated two players that were 1700 and 1800 rated while drawing four in the same strength.

A. Munoz

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply, el professor.

Are you saying that FIDE awarded C Munoz the FIDE WCM title because she represented the USA in the N. American Youth Chess Championship (and won the Under-10 Girls section).

I thought FIDE titles were only awarded for achieving FIDE ELO norms. Am I wrong?

Is there anything in the FIDE records about this?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this sheds some light on C Munoz's 'WCM' title.

0.51 of the FIDE Handbook says that titles are awarded 'for specific results in specific Championship events' or are awarded for achieving a rating.

C Munoz's WCM title does not say anything about her absolute ability at chess, though it seems good for a 10-year old.

It just says, apparently, that she won an event where there was a WCM title on offer.

Maybe there are others, like me, who mistakenly thought all FIDE titles were about absolute FIDE ratings.

A. Munoz should not be offended by the question. It seems a reasonable one to ask.

El Profesor said...

That is correct.


When the USCF posted the North American Youth tournament details, we called about it. No american had signed up in the under-10 category.

so since its somewhat of a zonal tournament for kids, we signed up, paid the expenses and she went 6-0.

It is not unusual, the north american, the pan american and the World Youth championships titles are awarded for performance.

In this last Pan American in Argentina Alex Getz earned a FM title by winning the gold medal. Simone Laio in the under 10 won the WFM title although she is rated 1600, but they won at the international level.

Irina Krush, Fabiano, all these players won their titles in the Pan American or World championships and most of them later reached prominence.

Read all of the press releases that the USCF posts on international tournaments. However, its not about the title its about chess. When Claudia won the gold medal a TD came for her and took us to a room to fill out the paperwork. They handed claudia a paper where it stated by fide that she won her title. She signed it and a month later the USCF office called us to finalize the paperwork.

The pan american results are not yet on her FIDE card since it has only been a month but she should have a FIDE record of 8 wins, 3 losses and 4 draws in international play. Needless to say in the Pan American most every one was over 1700 to 2100 and she survived with only 3 losses in 9 games.

El Profesor said...

Not offended at all. Thanks for the questions because we actually did what you did, look up the Fide handbook but we got more confused.haha

Anonymous said...

At http://www.aguascalienteschess2007.com/ , C Munoz is down as scoring 5, which is not a '6-0' score unless A Munoz means '6 undefeated and 0 defeated'.

While we are on the road to knowledge, when Claudia Munoz was scoring 5, there were others scoring as many as 7. Did they all get FIDE titles too?

Anonymous said...

http://www.aguascalienteschess2007.com/awards.html ...

'The top player in sections U 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 will receive the FIDE Candidate Master or Woman Candidate Master Titles. Acording to FIDE Handbook.'

So, the answer is 'yes', regardless of score, quality of opposition, number of competitors, whatever.

Anonymous said...

There must be an error here: a number of odd replies - who is Poindexter?

Anonymous said...

The FIDE webpage ratings.fide.com/card.phtml?event=2035871 clearly reflects Claudia Munoz has earned the title of Woman Candidate Master (WCM).



ya'll got to be some lame! ya'll spent an entire day talking about claudia munoz when their are 52 other girls that have achieved so much, how come nobody talks about them. Just because a girl has three letters on her name everyone goes bonkers. I applaude the claudia has a title. She is opening doors for other little girls. she is 10? wow their are 10 year old girls in this country that spend their time chatting and doing nothing. if this little girl won 5 or 6 how cares?? she won a medal for the United States of America.

and that dumb remark that she is playing like a 1300 rated player? Susan's blog just posted that she drew a 1727 player who has played in 73 rated tournaments while Claudia according to USCF has only played in 6. now let me see, 72 rated tournaments 1727, 6 rated tournaments and she is 1324. I don't know about that, she is surrounded by 1600 and 1700 rated players according to susan's blog.

I'm starting to believe this little girl by age 11 or 12 is going to be pretty high up. I read a comment her blog that SPICE took Claudia out to eat. so i guess they must be seeing something.


Anonymous said...

The WCM is just what it says: a Candidate. To be a WFM, she will have to reach certain rating points, as well as other requirements. Still, quite an achievement for a 10-year old!