Friday, August 08, 2008

Message from Anand

Message of support (and donation of $750!) from World Champion Viswanathan Anand:

I was really saddened when I first heard of GM Dusan Popovic's plight. At such a young age, he has to confront a serious health condition that needs a lot of courage and persistence to combat. I wish him all the best. As a chessplayer, we all know what it is to fight. I am sure he will use these fighting skills he would have honed over the chessboard.

While I know Dusan will be receiving unstinting support from his family and friends, I congratulate Magnus Carlsen in stepping forward in his hour of need with his spontaneous and magnanimous gesture to play on the Internet Chess Club to help the cause.

It is also nice to see the next generation coming together for a cause that is far greater than the game itself. It is, as Dusan himself states, to be a "game of life" and I am sure the whole chess community will come together as one to participate and contribute to the fundraising efforts on ICC. For my part, I personally pledge $750 to the fund and urge everyone to contribute what they can on the day.

My prayers, thoughts and best wishes are with Dusan and his family during this time and I am sure, like me, the chess community would all wish to see his return to active duty at the chessboard as quickly as possible.

Viswanathan Anand


I also supported the fundraising effort right from the start to help GM Dusan Popovic when I was informed about this by our friends at Chessdom. I posted about it here several times. I personally donated $250 to ICC for GM Popovic. I urge others to contribute what they can. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.
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Tim said...

Awesome. That is a kind of leadership that I can really respect from a World Champion!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Anand (and Susan and Magnus). As Tim said, you are really behaving like a world champion, Vishy.

Anonymous said...

Susan, is there an address to send donations to?

John Henderson said...

Donations can be made to ICC at their Paypal account at:

Many thanks to all!

John Henderson said...

Sorry, it should be!

Anonymous said...

Will Anand donate the "Cookie Sheet" to buy a new organ for the GM? HE could get something like $10.

Anonymous said...

It is strange that neither Anand or Susan explains the problem. What's the condition? Is he terminally ill? Needs donation for what?
Whatever it is, hope he recovers completely. Appreciate efforts from Susan, Anand and Carlsen.


Anonymous said...

both of his kidneys have failed.he needs to have a transplant.
and he is o- blood he cannot get kidney from blood relatives