Sunday, September 28, 2008

The end of a wonderful event

The co-champions: GM Pentala, GM Kritz, and GM Akobian. I will add GM Onischuk's picture later.

I would like to thank MonRoi, ICC, Chess Today, TWIC, Chess Life Online, Chessdom, Chessvibes, Chess Ninja, Chessville, and so many other media sources (both chess and general media) for covering this event.

I would also like to thank our many sponsors and supporters for making this event possible.

Last but not least, big thanks to Chief Arbiter Bill Snead (SPICE Cup), Chief TD Tim Winders (SPICE Cup Open), and Chief TD Chase Watters (TX Women's Championship) for working so hard to run all the events so smoothly.

As I mentioned before, we are definitely shooting for at least category 16 or 17 next year, along with a B group, and a bigger and better SPICE Cup Open, Texas Women's Championship, and SPICE Scholastic Cup.

Final Standings:

1-4 Pentala, Harikrishna g IND 2668 5½

Onischuk, Alexander g USA 2670 5½

Kritz, Leonid g GER 2610 5½
Akobian, Varuzhan g USA 2610 5½
5. Becerra, Julio g USA 2598 5
6. Mikhalevski, Victor g ISR 2592 4½
7. Perelshteyn, Eugene g USA 2555 4

8-9. Kaidanov, Gregory g USA 2605 3½
Miton, Kamil g POL 2580 3½
10. Stefansson, Hannes g ISL 2566 2½

For finishing first on tie-breaks, GM Pentala received a Swiss watch. GM Kaidanov also received a watch for winning the fighting chess award.


SCUGrad said...

Let me get this straight...they *each* took home a champion trophy?

SusanPolgar said...

Since Pentala got 1st on tie-breaks and he lives the furthest distance, he took home the glass globe. We will have 3 additional trophies made for GMs Onischuk, Kritz, and Akobian and we will send to them.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar