Monday, December 22, 2008

Breaking News about Kramnik

Common Press Statement by Vladimir Kramnik and Carsten Hensel

We would like to inform you that we will not extend our contract which is ending on 31 December 2008.

We would like to stress that our decision had already been made some months prior to the 2008 World Chess Championship match in Bonn, Germany.

This agreement was not caused by any kind of personal problem between us.

Our amicable relationship and mutual respect remains and is in no way affected by this step.

The main reason for the decision was simply that both of us are looking ahead for new challenges and priorities in our professional as well as in our private life.

We would like to confirm that Vladimir Kramnik is still definitely eager to continue his professional chess career.

Carsten Hensel will concentrate more intensively on the organization of high level events. He remains the manager of International Grandmaster Peter Leko.

Paris/Dortmund, 22 December 2008
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left for dead said...

I am not sure about what
I am reading... What contract and huh?

Anonymous said...

Common Press Statement by Vladimir Kramnik and Carsten Hensel

What do you not understand of the headline of what you are reading??

If you you play chess like how you read, then you must be a D or F player ;-)

cream of meat said...

Z player actually.

Anonymous said...

"Breaking News about Kramnik"

Did he and Tom Cruise finally come out of the closet? :-)

Anonymous said...

Either answer the question or just leave the guy ignorant.

I chose the second option.

Anonymous said...

Kramnik made enough money and can safely retire in France ,its a pity that he ruined by his inactions Kasparov comeback pushing him to politics