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UB honors Campomanes

UB honors chess mover ‘Campo’
Philippine Daily Inquirer
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MANILA, Philippines—Former International Chess Federation (FIDE) president Florencio Campomanes was conferred the degree of Doctor of Humanities (honoris causa) by the University of Baguio during its commencement exercises recently.

Campomanes made Baguio his favored city in the 1970s and ‘80s when he held several international chess tournaments there.

Baguio became a byword in international sports for almost 100 days in 1978 when it hosted the titanic World Championship confrontation between the Soviet Union’s Anatoly Karpov and Russian emigre Viktor Korchnoi of Switzerland.

Campomanes is also credited with guiding the early careers of such Filipino chess stars like Grandmasters Eugene Torre and Rosendo Balinas and International Masters Rodolfo Tan Cardoso and Renato Naranja.

“I have always subscribed to the view that the Filipino is capable of great deeds and great achievements,” Campomanes, who was also honored with the position honorary president for life by the FIDE in recognition of his immense contribution to the game of chess, told the graduates.

In its tribute to Campomanes, the university cited his “brilliant, dynamic leadership and impressive, solid achievements in the field of sports.”

University of Baguio officials led by president Herminio C. Bautista and VP for academic affairs Dr. Veronica S. Garcia conferred the honorary degree on Campomanes.

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Anonymous said...

Campomanes is the best thing for the Philippines. He built chess in that country from scratch. Wesley So is his latest product.

SCUGrad said...

Funny that the article should say that Campomanes guided Balinas's (God rest his soul) career. It's quite well known that the two didn't get along and Campo went out of his way to make things difficult for Balinas.

Campo is an interesting study because on the one hand, you have the tremendous contributions he made to Philippine chess in the 70s and 80s and his work as FIDE president. On the other, you have his well known penchant for corruption both in Philippine chess and in FIDE.

And no, Wesley So is not a Campo product. Pichay provided the funds for the young man's GM campaign but the bulk of the credit should go to Wesley himself. He is his own product, not Campo's.

Anonymous said...

Scugrad makes good objective comments to clarify Campo's sad legacy in Philippine chess.

Torre, Balinas, Naranja, Cardoso, also Ruben Reyes were already established Filipino chess talents prior to Campo's ascent to power.

Scugrad was also correct on Balinas, a lawyer, who openly opposed Campo from the get go. We saw Balinas on national TV, on his death bed, condemning Campo.

In all actuality, Campo's corrupt reign resulted in the loss of public and private support, during the late '70s, '80s and '90s, and which led to the downfall of Philippine chess.

China and India quickly surpassed the Philippines as Asia's chess powers during that period of Campo's reign.

Pichay and the young Filipino chess talents led by Wesley So, deservingly are responsible for the upsurge of Philippine chess.

Anonymous said...

You must mean IM and U.S. Open Chess Champion Ruben Rodriguez [RIP], who was much stronger than Ruben Reyes.

Campo said...

I am the best! Smell my finger!

Anonymous said...

Prizes and Honours are like Hemorrhoids...
once you get old everybody gets them.

Anonymous said...

IM Ruben Rodriguez was co-champion of the 1973 U. S. Open. Nice piece on him by Bobby Ang below link.

Atty. Balinas helped the Sandigbayan Court convict Campo for failure to account for the 12.8million pesos entrusted to him by PSC.

Thanks to Campo's cronies for they have consistently shown his modus operandi and legacy of lies, deceit and profanity.

Campo (in disguise) said...

I enjoyed the 12 million Pesos for all of the Filipino people! Let me tell you what I have done so far:

1. I went to Disney World.

2. I attended the International Susan Polgar Invitational for Girls in Las Vegas disguised as an 8 year old girl.

3. I attended the 2008 USCF delegates meeting disguised as an 8 year girl.

4. I had to avoid the sexual advances of an old lecherous man called Sam Sploan at that same meeting disguised as an 8 year old girl.

5. I had a special chess set made from the bones of Bobby Fischer.

6. I still have over 6 million Peso to spend.

7. Life is fun being Campo!

More to come later! (I am still disguised as an 8 year old little girl)

Anonymous said...

campo in disguise as 8 y.o. girl? a new low for campo. but we already know his women vices too.

but me thinks you are really a pedophile in disguise with a penchant for young girls.

we know your i.p. address and we are watching you, campo in disguise ;-|

and don't you dare spend that 6 million pesos buying candies for young girls :-|

and life is not fun messing with young girls. mebbe we need to talk your young kids too.

Campo (in disguise) really said...

"we know your i.p. address and we are watching you, campo in disguise ;-|"

I choose not to hide my ip because I have nothing to hide. I don't piss off medically diagnosed child rapist psycopathic felons in rgcp nor do I participate in chess politics. I am above that kind of thing. I love this blog for chances to make fun of evil chess politicians and to talk about Kirsan's relationship with the aliens. Thank you! It's my sworn duty to go after bad chess politicians you know. :)

"and life is not fun messing with young girls. mebbe we need to talk your young kids too."

It's like saying because I like to talk about Oprah that I must be female and black. OK Dr. Phil, whatever. Stick to chess analysis please.

If I do not disguise myself as an 8 year old girl, then the Sam Sloan joke wouldn't work. Comedy is a very complicated thing. Sam is a bucket of laughs to make fun of. He is a pedophile. I am making fun of him because he deserves to have his dick fed to him in 20 bite sized pieces. It's all fun and laughs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My kids (all 20 illegitimate Filipino kids named Campo Jr. to include Wesley and the other 15 So clones chained to the wall being forced to learn to play chess under threat of being forced to read actual school text books) think this whole chess politics thing with USCF is one sad joke. You are blinded by a passionate rage to defend Susan's reputation at all costs possibly at the cost of her closest allies. The only losers in this sad story of chess politics are Susan's fans, the future children who have yet to learn about chess, their parents money, the school district's money, the one rich guy whose kid you might save with chess, and finally Susan's current reputation that loses shine day by day because of bad choices made in private to attack an insane Chess Federation! No sarcasm here. I would have cut ties with the USCF ages ago and made millions of dollars selling chess to schools. Who do you think the "Hooked on Phonics" people sold their products to? The schools. They are filthy rich, man. Where is the chess promotion for Susan Polgar chess products in schools? I feel sick thinking about the amount of money you have lost for lack of vision! :(

You are right, no one on the web is anonymous and you know more about computers than you are telling others. Campo knows computers. Campo knows things. Too many things. I am not one of your enemies. I am a real Polgar fan who believes in her. Her enemies are my enemies.

As long as it's parody, I can make fun of her worst enemies free from lawsuits and gadflys. You guys should try comedy to go after the USCF. Political Chess cartoon contest would be nice. Humorous link


Campo in disguise (disguised as a saddened fan

and disguised an 8 year girl for the sake of the stupid Sam Sloan joke) :S