Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peru's Jorge Cori became GM at 14 years 2 months

14 October, 2009 [ 12:42 ]
Peru's Jorge Cori became the youngest Grand Master in the world
Isabel Guerra

The Peruvian chess player Jorge Cori became the youngest Grand Master (GM) in the world.

Aged 14 years and 2 months, the national chess player won this title after winning two Grandmaster norms in the Continental Chess Championships of the Americas 2009 in Brazil, and now in the International Marcel Duchamp Championship in Argentina.

Cori's participation for the title of Grand Master took three months of preparation in Europe, where he had a private tour with Spanish with Javier Moreno.

Meanwhile, his sister Daysi, which already holds at age 16 the title of GM, has now entered the ranking of the 80 best chess players in the world and is acknowledged as one of the best players in the adult category.


Here are the top Peruvian players:

1 Granda Zuniga, Julio E g PER 2644 27 1967
2 Cordova, Emilio g PER 2570 10 1991
3 Cruz, Cristhian m PER 2531 36 1992
4 Castaneda, Georgui m PER 2509 11 1976
5 Munoz Pantoja, Miguel m PER 2479 69 1975
6 Cori, Jorge f PER 2445 39 1995
7 Oblitas, Carlomagno m PER 2443 7 1970
8 Cruz, Filemon f PER 2404 27 1964
9 Cornejo, Max f PER 2397 24 1989
9 Terry, Renato f PER 2397 9 1992
11 Pacheco, Marco f PER 2387 0 1983
12 Cori T., Deysi wm PER 2361 39 1993


Anonymous said...

Is he the youngest ever?

Anonymous said...

Duh, In Peru.

Andrew Latham said...

Way to steal Robson's thunder.

Anonymous said...

Strange article, particularly about the girl. In the article she is referred to as Daysi whereas in the table it is Deysi. Also, she is (only) WGM, which is casually "forgotten". Though it is really nice to have coverage of chess in the news it is to bad that quite often is seems the folks reporting about it are not qualified and / or not interested...

Anonymous said...

Is a 2500 rating still required for the GM title? He's never reached that. If so, then he hasn't gotten to GM yet.

Anonymous said...

shows Cori is no league with either Ray or Ben.

Anonymous said...

Youngest ??. What about Karjakin 12 years 7 months ?

Anonymous said...

Karjakin is 18 now dear !!
I agree with poster : his sister is NO GM.

Anonymous 333 said...

Yes, this article is a little strange. Let's check the facts guys!

Anonymous said...

Peru in FIDE rating list:

Anonymous said...

what's even worse is probably that Susan put it on her blog as is, even though she has the knowledge... :(

Anonymous said...

Even though he has achieved 3 GM norms, he will not be awarded GM title until he has a rating of 2500 or over, according to FIDE regulations:-

1.5 Requirements for award of the title, having achieved norms
1.50 Two or more norms in events covering at least 27 games.
1.51 If a norm is sufficient for more than one title, then it may be used as part of the application for both.
1.52 To have achieved at some time or other a rating as follows:

GM ≥2500
IM ≥2400
WGM ≥2300
WIM ≥2200

His current rating is 2445.

Anonymous said...

It is sufficient that your "active" rating passses 2500. In other words, if his recent results not yet counted, brings him 55 rating points, he becomes GM when he gets it, and it count retrospectively from the day he completed his norms. Also, if he crosses 2500 after one tournament, then he drops below, before it is published, it still counts. I know cases where this has happened.

Anonymous said...

'I know cases where this has happened.'

Have you reported them to the local police?

Anonymous said...

I know 3 of them (and have played 2) who play regularly in Spain. Filemon Cruz, his son Christian Cruz, and the fastest player this side of the Mississippi Miguel Munoz.

All 3 of them are, on top of being great players, very good people.

Anonymous said...

The 2445 is the highest rating he has achieved so far. Accoding to FIDE database, he has no activity during the November period to give him the extra rating points. I don't think the current tournament (International Marcel Duchamp Championship in Argentina) will bring him the 55 points needed to become a GM.

Remember he is only 14 years and 2 months old.