Monday, May 23, 2011

Improve your chess with Polgar Chess University

Over 100 lessons (more than 300 lessons total) in each level available for review!

Special Bonus: Annual plan includes 1 year of FREE World Chess Live membership!

- Affordable Chess Training with World-Class Instructors!

- Weekly Classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels!

- Classes are personally being conducted by me and many other World-Class Chess Trainers!

Polgar Chess University: My online chess training program where students of all levels, no matter where they live, have an opportunity to learn chess the right way from some of the best instructors in the game. I created this online school with the dream of bringing expert advice and proper training to chess enthusiasts around the world at a very affordable cost.

I developed the structured curriculum, personally teaching most of the courses along with other top chess players and professional instructors who will be joining the faculty as the school grows. Polgar Chess University is initially offered in this format:

- Courses identified by level - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

- Three general courses, one at each level, run concurrently

- Course lessons are prerecorded lectures that may be viewed at your convenience

- A new lesson in each course is offered each week, on Mondays

- Earlier lessons may be retrieved from the library at no extra cost

- More specialized courses, especially for teachers, along with special guests and events, are planned for the future

Please visit for more information.

Sign up now for a one year plan and get one year of World Chess Live membership FREE! For less than $2 per week, you can learn from some of the best chess trainers in the world!


Over 225,000 copies of my "Chess Training Guide / Curriculum for Teachers and Parents" have been distributed to chess clubs, chess organizations, parents, teachers, and coaches, etc. in over 120 countries since 2006.

It is available absolutely FREE. Please feel free to use it to promote chess everywhere. This is the purpose of it

.Just click here to download your own copy and promote chess away :)
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MayanKing said...

Soon I will be able to sign up for this. I am near Lubbock Texas now so we are almost neighbors. I hope to see your son in Chess Action this Saturday at the West Texas Chess League if it is close enough for me to make it in time.

Anonymous said...

Susan! Have just renewed my WCL membership and have included your advanced lessons. However I am unable to access the lessons! How do I go about it?

Anonymous said...

It's solved.

Anonymous said...

I've been a member for around 6 months. The lessons are very informative and helpful. And the cost of $2 a week, you can't beat that.

bigrazoo said...

I have a question, when you sign up do you have to specify what level you are wanting to use or can you move from one level to the next during the year? Thanks for offering this online.

aam said...

Good luck with this!

IcarusPassion said...

These lessons are well, well worth the money. I recommend them strongly!

Dissertation help said...

University is really good and the more good thing is that you told about the online chess training program where students of all levels,level is playing a important part and really good thing that you are providing the help and the facility to the students at the all sort of levels,this will guide them good and they will feel comfortable.

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