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Monday, March 08, 2010

Kasparov vs Caruana?

Kasparov - Caruana perhaps in October at Milano

It could take place in October at Milano - a mini-match between the number one Italian player Fabiano Caruana, who will be 18 years old on the 30th of July, and the ex-champion of the world Garry Kasparov, who is the trainer of the number one FIDE rated player in the world, Magnus Carlsen.

Valerio Luciani, whose publishing house Ediscere has published (in Italian) the celebrity series of Kasparov's books "My Great Predecessors", has informed the Italian magazine "Torre & Cavallo" that the negotiations have entered an advanced stage, and that the competition could be of four games either rapid or blitz.

Obviously, for events to take place involving persons of this caliber, the signing of contracts in required.

Special thanks to Lou for the information.
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Anonymous said...

Fabiano will kill him 4-0.

Anonymous said...

Now we finally have a worthy match on our hands!!
Kasparov gets to play an invigorated, active, youthful player, not a rusty old Karpov over whom Kasparov has a psychological and Elo rating advantage.
Better still, pit Kasparov against Nakamura :)

Anonymous said...

"Fabiano will kill him 4-0."

LOL. Fabiano will get killed! At least 1-3. At least!!!

Anonymous said...

whahaha! That must be a either a young player or a new member who doesn't know the very great.

Nevertheless I look forward to see Garry play again!

Anonymous said...

Fabiano will do very well if he manage to draw one or two.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Caruana will be Kasparov's next pupil.

Anonymous said...

awesome !

Toad Tryouts said...

Kasparov will kill him 4-0.


Anonymous said...

Why come out of retirement to play Caruana?? Why not play a stronger, more famous player?

KWRegan said...

The translation from Italian is nearly word-for-word exact, except for "J'adoubing" the adjective "celebrity" to read "celebrated".

Jaikar.P said...

Garry making a comeback to make more money so that he can run for Russian Presidency,Its his way of Fund raising before Elections.