Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blondes take revenge on Brunettes

Blondes take revenge on Brunettes

This weekend the Moscow Central Chess Club was the host of an extraordinary team event in which the blondes took on brunettes in blitz chess.

A similar match took place in March last year when brunettes won with a huge score.

But this time the blondes, headed by the European champion Valentina Gunina, won convincingly by 39,5 – 24,5.

Each team consisted of eight players and the playing format was Sheveningen system. The time control was 3 min + 2 sec per player.

Photos by Yana Melnikova


Anonymous said...

And who says blondes are dumb?

MC Swizzlestix said...

Where's Sopiko? She is the best

Anonymous said...

Are the blondes required to be naturally so in order to qualify?