Monday, August 13, 2012

Webster University made a clean sweep at the US Open

US Open Championship:

1-3. GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (Webster Freshman) - Hoyos won the Armageddon playoff by defeating John Bryant. Hoyos had a choice for a must win with white or draw odd with black. He chose to play for the win with white. He did and thus becoming the 2012 US Open Champion!

1-3. GM Dimitry Gurevich
1-3. FM John Bryant

Tied for 4th is GM Andre Diamant (Webster Sophomore)

US Open g/15 Championship:

1-2. GM Andre Diamant (Webster Sophomore)
1-2. IM Vitaly Neimer (Webster Sophomore)

Tied for 3rd is GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (Webster Freshman)

US Open Blitz Championship:

1. GM Andre Diamant (Webster Sophomore)

2. GM Anatoly Bykhovksy (Webster Junior)


Anonymous said...

Great job Manuel.

Anonymous said...

Who gets the US Championship spot next year?

Anonymous said...

John Bryant.

Anonymous said...

Chess Life totally ignoring Webster player success at US Open. Par for the course.