Monday, October 22, 2012

Webster University - SPICE

Webster University - SPICE titled players

Title - Name - USCF rating 

GM Le Quang Liem 2802

GM Wesley So 2711
GM Georg Meier 2696
GM Ray Robson 2689
GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez 2666
GM Manuel Leon Hoyos 2666
GM Anatoly Bykhosvky 2623
GM Andre Diamant 2543
GM Denes Boros 2542

IM Vitaly Neimer 2472

FM Jake Banawa 2368

WIM Inna Agrest 2209


Anonymous said...

Students want to come to SPICE because they're the best program.

Anonymous said...

i cant think of any current spice chess players, except liem, that can = nguyen ngoc truong son. son has won international tournaments. hes just 22.

- world junior champion
- shared 1 with caruana at invitational biel masters 2010 that had top players like vlagrave, giri, tomashevsky, negi ..
- won some international opens
- has 1 loss from 2 years in strong china chess league where many 2700+ players often lose.

all this from very poor background.

with respect, but can so, meier, hoyos, robson .. match this?

Anonymous said...

So why not have him contact Susan? Why talk about it here? Everyone knows how to reach her.

Anonymous said...

im just a reader of this blog. i know spice like to help young promising players. so i want to point out nguyen ngoc truong son needs some help. im sure there are players from poor background around world. spice can contact son or tell liem to speak to his friend.