Monday, November 19, 2012

30 second chess tactic review

Black to move. Can you find the best continuation for Black in 30 seconds or less?

8/kb3RQ1/p1q5/2p5/2P4P/7n/PP1r2P1/4RK2 b - - 0 1


Anonymous said...

... Q-d7
Rxd7 R-f2##


gxh3 Qxh3#
K-g1 Q-h2#
K-f1 Q-h1#


wolverine said...

it took me 15 seconds.. i must be getting rusty.. ive playing checkers a lot..beating checkers computer engines.. i havnt looked at chess that much

Craig Johannsen said...

No! Took me several minutes to discover Qd7.

Besides being counter-intuitive (putting one's queen in danger), it requires seeing that Rf2# is an alternative mating move to Bxg2+. It also requires seeing that, although it can capture the black bishop after Bb7xg2+, the white queen is helpless after black responds Qd7xf7. Too many conditionals for my tiny little brain.

It's easy to see the powerful queen and bishop pair on the diagonal attacking g2, and that either one could mate the white king, but the bishop is pinned by the rook at f7.
I suppose that is a hint of what to look for, keeping the alternative Rf2 mate possibility in mind. That is, look for something that will either unpin the bishop to allow Bxg2 or will free up the f-file for the Rf2 mate.

Jagadish Dube said...

Very Easy.
1...Qxg2+ 2Qxg2,Bxg2#.

pdmunro said...

Qd7. I couldn't find it. Nice.

pdmunro said...

Qd7. I couldn't find it quickly. Nice.

pht said...

1. Qxg2+ Qxg2
2. Bxg2#

The Flash said...

Took me a full 5 mins

mesilah said...

30 seconds answer:

1. Qxg2+ Qxg2
2. Bxg2++

pht said...

But, what is wrong with the simple:

1 ... Qxg2+ 2. Qxg2 Bxg2#

Looks like all enforced mate in 2 to me, though the mate "picture" is rare.
What have I overlooked here?

1. ... Qd7 is probably also good, and very creative, but wouldn't be the best if some simpler move wins quicklier.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, really simple hay...Qxg2, Qxg2 and Bxg2. So, there's a new rule in chess? Checkmate while being on check... Please look again and puzzle!