Sunday, December 02, 2012

London Chess Classic LIVE!

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Anonymous said...

Kramnik and Carlsen are the players in form here,quite neck and neck.Poor Aronian will slip further back from Carlsen. Good show by Jones to hold Polgar. McShane as usual is making Anand sweat blood,but seems to be that Anand will hold on to the draw,as usual!.

Anonymous said...

Drawnand is soon slipping out of top 10 in the world - just goes to show that the whole WC cycle is not really crowning the best playing in the world. Magnus has over 50 points lead on the rest of the field. If you do another drop down of 50 points from Aronian you get 12 super GMs. Just goes to show how superior Magnus really has become.

A kramnik win is the only hope I believe for Magnus to not run away with this tournament. Especially when you consider that Magnus almost always finish strong.