Thursday, December 27, 2012

Special endgame tactic review

White to move. How should White proceed?

8/1b2P3/1Pp2pN1/2p3k1/8/2P3K1/4rP2/8 w - - 0 2

DeBarbieri, 1929


Oleg Mezjuev said...

1. Ne5! (to block away black rook from e-line).


... 1. - , Rxe5 2. f4+, Kg6 3. fxe5, Kf7 4. exf6 and white king advances forwards to support his pawns and wins the game.

... 1. - , fxe5 loses directly (2. e8Q).

Yancey Ward said...

A classic? I was expecting something a bit harder- Ne5 was easy to spot:

1. Ne5 Re5 (else allows e8Q)
2. f4 Kg6
3. fe5 Kf7 (else allows e8Q)
4. ef6

And though black has the piece for two pawns, those pawns are connected on the sixth and seventh ranks, and black's two pawns are indefensible. I think black's longest defense is going to be c4 followed by Ke8-Kd7, but this clearly can't hold:

4. .....c4
5. Kf4 Ke8 (c5 6.Ke5+-)
6. Ke5 Kd7 (Kf7 7.Kd6+-)
7. Kf5

Heading around the flank. Continuing:

7. .....c5 (Ke8 8.Kg6 c5 9.f7+-)
8. Kg6 Ke8 (Bd5 9.f7+-)
9. f7 Ke7
10.Kg7 and the pawn is now unstoppable.

James I. Hymas said...

1 Ne5 R:e5
2 f4+ Kg3
3 fe Kf7
4 fg

and wins

Anonymous said...

1. Ne5 Rxe5
2. f4+ Kg6
3. fxe5 Kf7
4. exf6

Then His Royal Majesty the White King marches in dark squares to d6 and c7 to wed either the b pawn or the d pawn after Queenification om the 8th row.

Greg said...

1. Ne5!! Rxe5 [1. ... fxe5 2. e8(Q)] 2. f4+

Kerry Liles said...

1. Ne5 produces a nice interference for the e7 pawn - if:

1. ... Rxe5
2. f4+

wins the Rook back and lets the epawn promote anyway

Luis Nuno said...

Ke5 and the pawn crowns