Monday, January 07, 2013

4th consecutive Final Four for SPICE

Recent Final Four Results

2010: 1st University of Maryland-Baltimore County (8), 2nd University of Texas-Brownsville (7.5), 3rd TTU - SPICE (1st year in Division I, Entered 1st Final Four as the lowest seed - 4.5), 4th University of Texas-Dallas (4)

2011: 1st TTU - SPICE (Entered the 2nd Final Four also as the lowest seed - 7), 2nd University of Texas-Dallas (6.5), 3rd University of Texas-Brownsville (6), 4th University of Maryland-Baltimore County (4.5)

2012: 1st TTU - SPICE (Entered the 3rd Final Four as the top seed - 8), 2nd University of Maryland-Baltimore County (7.5), 3rd University of Texas-Dallas (7.5), 4th New York University (1)

2013 (April 6-7, 2013): Webster University - SPICE (Will enter the 4th Final Four once again as the top seed), University of Texas-Dallas, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, University of Illinois

The SPICE (Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence) program has qualified for the Final Four in each and every year in Division I. It is now 4 straight years! 


Anonymous said...

Texas Tech will win.

Anonymous said...

Well 3 out of the four teams in the final four have been the same for the last four years as well.

SPICE team(either TTU or Webster), UTD, and UMBC have all been in the final four since 2010...