Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anything can happen in the final round at Tata

A group has been decided. No one can catch Magnus. However, anything can still happen in B and C group.

Naiditsch, Rapport, and Movsesian are tied in B group, while Brunello and Peralta are tied in C group.

Group A 

Giri, A. - Carlsen, M.
Caruana, F. - Aronian, L.
Karjakin, S. - van Wely, L. 
Hou, Y. - Leko, P. 
L'Ami, E. - Sokolov, I. 
Wang, H. - Anand, V. 
Nakamura, H. - Harikrishna, P. 

Group B 

Naiditsch, A. - Ernst, S.
Nikolic, P. - Rapport, R.
Ipatov, A. - Movsesian, S.
Dubov, D. - van Kampen, R.
Smeets, J. - Turov, M. 
Grandelius, N. - Tiviakov, S. 
Timman, J. - Edouard, R. 

Group C 

Admiraal, M. - Brunello, S.
Kovchan, A. - Peralta, F.
Gretarsson, H. - Goryachkina, A.
van der Werf, M. - Mekhitarian, K.
Burg, T. - Bitensky, I.
Romanishin, O. - Schut, L. 
Klein, D. - Swinkels, R. 


Anonymous said...

Magnus will not beat Nakamura in a 10 game match at St. Louis Chess Club.

Anonymous said...

Nakamura will lose a 10 game match to Magnus as he has just lost to Magnus in Tata Steel..Magnus rules.

Anonymous said...

Magnus rules, he coasted to win Tata Steel easily

Anonymous said...

Magnus rules the world...

Anonymous said...

King Magnus yes! Soon to become Emperor Magnus? Now that's going to be exciting! I do hope Magnus wins the candidates as he surely deserves,but it's going to be a lot tougher than Tata Steel. Who wants to see reruns of Kramnik - Anand or Gelfand - Anand??