Saturday, January 26, 2013

Carlsen wins again, leads by 1.5 with 1 to go

Group A

van Wely, L. - Caruana, F. 1-0 
Aronian, L. - Giri, A. ½-½ 
Carlsen, M. - Nakamura, H. 1-0 
Harikrishna, P. - Wang, H. ½-½ 
Anand, V. - L'Ami, E. 1-0 
Sokolov, I. - Hou, Y. 0-1 
Leko, P. - Karjakin, S. ½-½ 

Group B 

van Kampen, R. - Nikolic, P. 0-1 
Rapport, R. - Timman, J. 1-0 
Edouard, R. - Naiditsch, A. 
Ernst, S. - Ipatov, A. ½-½ 
Movsesian, S. - Grandelius, N. ½-½ 
Tiviakov, S. - Smeets, J. 
Turov, M. - Dubov, D. 1-0


Anonymous said...

Carlsen wins again!
Caruana, he continues to lose!

lakers4sho said...


And he already won the tournament with an Aronian draw

Anonymous said...

Carlsen is lucky to beat Nakamura.

Anonymous said...

'Caruana wins again.Leads by 1.5 with one to go!!!' Did anybody tell Carlsen this?
On another note, after the Borislav Ivanov incident at the Zadar tournament, what steps are being taken at the top level of chess to prevent cheating? One rogue player is more than sufficient to spoil the whole party.

Anonymous said...

Pretty silly to mistake Carsen and Caruana in the article title.

Yancey Ward said...

A player who seems repeatedly lucky to win is almost surely just flat out better.

Anonymous said...

Chessbase gives Caruana lost without playing, here it is different!?