Thursday, January 31, 2013

Checkmate tactic

White to move and checkmate in 5 or 6.

2k1q3/p2r1p2/P7/Q6B/8/Kp2r3/8/6R1 w - - 0 1

Duras, 1903


Anonymous said...

1.Rc1 Kb8 2.Qb4 Ka8 3.Bf3 Rf3 4.Qe4 Qe4 5.Ra8

Anonymous said...

According to the computer I used to see how I had faired, this is actually a mate in six.

Now, given that I had some assistance on this one (although I worked out most of it on my own), I will refrain from posting the solution.

A good day to all.

fajac said...

I could only find a mate in six moves:
1. Rc1+ Kb8
1. ... Rc7 2. Qxc7#
1. ... Rc3 2. Rxc3+ is no improvement for Black
2. Qb4+! Ka8 2.Qb5+ does not allow the check in the fourth move
3. Bf3+ Rxf3 Now that the rook is deflected from the e-file...
4. Qe4+!! Kb8
4. ... Qxe4 5. Rc8#
5. Qxe8+ Rd8
6. Qxd8#

HermanTheGerman said...

It's nice but it's not in 5.

Anonymous said...

What kind of description of the puzzle is that? Checkmate in 5 OR 6? That means checkmate in 6!!!

Ein Steppenwolf said...

1. Rc1+ Kb8
2. Qb4+ Ka8
3. Bf3+ Rxf3
4. Qe4+ Qxe4
5. Rc8#


4. Qe4+ Kb8
5. Qxe8+ Rd8
6. Qxd8#