Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vladimir Dvorkovich Memorial in Taganrog

The next season of the Russian Cup for men is starting with Vladimir Dvorkovich Memorial which will be held on 14-23rd January, 2013, in Taganrog, Rostov Oblast.

The tournament is organized by the Russian Chess Federation, city of Taganrog and Rostov Oblast Chess Federation to mark 75 years from the birth of the famous chess arbiter Vladimir Dvorkovich.

The 9-round Swiss event will offer 1,2 million RUB in prizes, which is around 30,000 EUR. The winner will take 7,500 EUR.

The final of the 2012 Russian Cup was recently completed in Khanty-Mansiysk, with Bartosz Socko and Aleksandra Goryachkina winning their respective sections.

The 2012 Vladimir Dvorkovich Memorial was held in August and the winner was GM Dmitry Kryakvin.

Top rated participants:

Name IRtg FED
1 GM Khismatullin Denis 2652 RUS
2 GM Sjugirov Sanan 2643 RUS
3 GM Kokarev Dmitry 2627 RUS
4 GM Popov Ivan 2623 RUS
5 GM Timofeev Artyom 2616 RUS
6 GM Bocharov Dmitry 2614 RUS
7 GM Smirnov Pavel 2610 RUS
8 GM Volkov Sergey 2590 RUS
9 GM Kryakvin Dmitry 2586 RUS
10 GM Onischuk Vladimir 2574 UKR
11 GM Maletin Pavel 2572 RUS
12 GM Geller Jakov 2569 RUS
13 GM Papin Vasily 2568 RUS
14 IM Belous Vladimir 2554 RUS
15 GM Dobrov Vladimir 2524 RUS
16 GM Fedoseev Vladimir 2514 RUS
17 GM Bukavshin Ivan 2510 RUS
Predke Alexandr 2503 RUS
19 GM Neverov Valeriy 2499 UKR
20 IM Stukopin Andrey 2492 RUS

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