Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baden Baden LIVE!

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Vivian said...

Naiditch certainly is livening things up! Nothing much has happened in this tournament that hasn't involved him. But what engenders all this morbid time-trouble? Lots of others play far more complicated games. Of course, many of these others are time-trouble addicts, too!

In other news, I felt like Caruana was drifting toward trouble till Adams let him out at move 34.

The "Vishy will prevail" odds got longer when the World Champion let Fridman escape from his endgame vise. Fridman's plan of opening the g file and chopping all the Rooks off did not seem ideal to this observer, as the resulting environment was target-rich for Black's Bishop. But it came to nothing after Vishy got careless about his c-pawn.