Monday, February 25, 2013

Baku or no Baku for team Armenia?

Armenian chess team will face difficulties with going to Baku - Levon Aronian
Vera Martirosyan 

YEREVAN.- Number one of Armenian chess team Levon Aronian said it is clear that his team will face difficulties with going to Baku.

Azerbaijan’s capital will host Olympiad 2016. Earlier, Aronian refused to participate in the 2012 FIDE Candidates Tournament to be held there. After his official letter sent to FIDE, Azerbaijan was rejected to host the tournament.

Asked whether Armenia will be able to participate in Chess Olympiad 2016 without additional tension, Aronian said each country must have an opportunity to host tournaments.

“Azerbaijan is a strong chess country. Armenia and Azerbaijan are key chess countries in the region. It would be wrong, if we were permitted to host tournament and they were denied. I hope in the coming three years our countries will be able to abandon mutual hatred. I would do everything I could for us to participate in the Chess Olympiad,” he told Sport