Tuesday, February 26, 2013

World youngest grandmaster: Wei Yi

Published by Peter Doggers on February 26, 2013 

There’s something special about this year’s Reykjavik Open. Not only do we have a record number of 227 participants from no less than 37 federations, but there’s an especially big delegation from China: 

GM Ding Liren (2709), GM Yu Yangyi (2688), GM Bu Xiangzhi (2675), GM Xiu Deshun (2530), IM Wei Yi (2501), WGM Huang Qian (2478), IM Lou Yiping (2468), WGM Tan Zhongyi (2466), WGM Guo Qi (2431), IM Li Wenliang (2411), WGM Wang Jue (2375) and Wang Yiye (2226). 

These 12 players traveled to Reykjavik a few days before the tournament and also participated in the Iceland-China match. This match was held in conjunction with the 60 year anniversary of the Chinese-Icelandic Culture Association, who organized the event along with the Icelandic Chess Federation. 

Overall the “Chinese team” is doing more than alright in the tournament so far. After eight rounds only three players have a slight minus score, and the other nine are gaining Elo. Especially the lowest rated players seem to be underrated: Wang Yiye at the moment gains 19.65 points, Wang Jue (not to be confused with China’s third grandmaster Wang Yue) is up 23.55 points and Li Wenliang, the delegation leader, would add 15.8 points if the tournament had finished. 

There’s even better news: four Chinese players are in contention for norms. Huang Qian and Tan Zhongyi need a draw in round 9 for an IM norm and Wang Jue only needs her opponent to show up! But there’s more. 

The youngest team member from the People’s Republic, Wei Yi, must be the biggest talent in the country (in the world!) right now. The 13-year-old IM, who was born 2 June 1999, scored two GM norms last year and has now secured his third here in Reykjavik. He can lose his round 9 game and his TPR will still be way over 2600. His rating is already over 2500 and so since yesterday we have a new youngest GM in the world. (You heard it here first!) 

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Wei Yi is the boy version of Hou Yifan. Both had shown exceptional talent in chess at very young age.