Thursday, March 14, 2013

86th St. Petersburg Chess Championships

The 86th Saint Petersburg Chess Championships for men and women are taking place on 11th – 21st March, 2013 at the Russian cultural capital.

Both tournaments are single round robins with 12 players each. The classical time control of 90 min for 40 moves + 30 min (and 30 sec increment) is being used.

The average rating in the men’s tournament is 2393, while the women’s is 1968. The Chief Arbiter is the IA Viatcheslav Ivanov.

The games can be replayed at the official website.

Participants – Men’s tournament (top seeds):

1GM Valerij Popov2557
2IM Aleksey Goganov2556
3GM Denis Yevseev2536
4GM Evgeny Levin2508
5Kirill Alekseenko2447

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Anonymous said...

What a great city for chess.