Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A plea for help from the ACP

Dear ACP member,

The letter by Georgian Olympic Team player, WGM Salome Melia, published on
http://www.chess-news.ru/en/node/11290 prompts us to act without any delay. Salome's five months-old daughter needs an urgent surgery, costs of which exceeds 50.000 Euro.

This is really a matter of life or death, and we believe the chess community at large can contribute a great deal.

The ACP Board Members have decided to make personal donations to WGM Melia, and we would greatly appreciate your contribution as well. Until today, donations from the chess community have exceeded 50 in number.

Please, make donations payable to:

Recipient: Salome Melia
Account number: GE57PC0193600100007067
Bank name: ProCredit Bank, Tbilisi, Georgia
Bank address: 21 Al. Kazbegi Ave., 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia

or PayPal to

Olena Prusikin
email: hkiss@web.de

You are kindly requested to inform us if you decide to make a donation; the list of donors will be updated daily on our webpage at www.chessprofessionals.org.

Let us prove that the chess world united can do wonders!

The ACP Board


Anonymous said...

Such a sad story.

Anonymous said...

Yes, its a sad story.but most of us in a more fortunate position can help with a small donations. I have just done that with Paypal and hope more will do likewise. I am a retiree and I can only give small and I wish WGM Salome Melia and her daughter all the best.