Friday, March 22, 2013

Grand Prix - Zug, Switzerland

Dear participants,

FIDE and Renova Group of Companies are pleased to announce that the third leg of the Grand Prix series will be held between the 17th of April 2013 and 1st of May 2013. The organisation of the event, at such a late stage, has been realizable thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Renova Group of Companies which is a multi-national corporation.

More information can be obtained here :

We are finalizing negotiations with the hotel and will inform all participants of the hotel arrangements and any extra charges for accompanying persons in the next two days.

1.0       SCHEDULE
The schedule has been maintained as originally announced and for sake of clarity is:

FIDE is currently also working on a replacement organiser for the fourth leg and more information will be available shortly. The dates of the fourth leg will also remain the same as scheduled in the calendar.

2.0       PLAYERS
Players participating in the third leg :
17th Apr- 1st  May

First reserve for any replacements is GM Gata Kamsky (USA)

Zug is located around 25 kilometers from Zurich Airport and the best connection is via train. There is a direct train every 47th minute i.e. 09:47, 10:47, 11:47 etc…. and will be marked ZUG-LUCERNE. The trip takes around 45 minutes and costs just under 20 Swiss francs. There are other trains but will require a platform change in Zurich. Once you reach Zug, the most flexible transfer is to simply take a taxi to the hotel. All players and officials are reminded to keep / obtain receipts of their journey costs for reimbursement as per regulations.

4.0       VISAS
Players or officials who require Schengen visa for entry into Switzerland are kindly requested to send a copy of their passport immediately to the undersigned so that an invitation may be sent by return email to them. Kindly advise from which city you will be applying for visa so that assistance may be provided where necessary.

5.0       OTHER
Electricity in Switzerland is 220V but three pin round plugs are used so participants should acquire adapters for their electrical equipment.

Should any player have any query kindly contact Geoffrey Borg on +7-915-133-3670 or via email at 

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