Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ljubomir Biljanic wins Niš Open 2013

Serbian FM Ljubomir Biljanic grabbed the winner’s trophy at the Niš Open 2013 that took place on 21st – 28th March at the “Dom gluvih” in Nis, Serbia.

Biljanic got 7.5 points in 9 rounds, the same as IM Miroslav Miljkovic, but edged him on tiebreaks to win the first prize. Seven players tied with 6 points, but Nemanja Zivkovic had the best tiebreak score to obtain the third place.

The total prize fund amounted to 150,000 dinars (approx. 1,800 US dollars). The first three players got 40,000, 20,000 and 15,000 dinars, respectively. There were also special prizes for young players and veterans.

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Final Standings:

1FMBiljanic LjubomirSRB23227.5
2IMMiljkovic Miroslav DSRB24667.5
3MKZivkovic NemanjaSRB22376.0
4IMKostic NebojsaSRB23066.0
5IMRaicevic IvicaSRB22566.0
6IMIlic Zoran SSRB22936.0
7FMJovic StanojeSRB23386.0
8IMDjukic ZeljkoSRB23976.0
9MKIlic Slobodan SSRB21096.0
10MKRasic JovanSRB20155.5
11IMMaksimovic BranimirSRB24425.5
12MKLivaja MarioSRB22305.5

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