Tuesday, March 26, 2013

See Iceland in a completely different light in June!

The Icelandic Chess Championship was held for the first time in 1913. So for the 100th anniversary, the tournament will be in a completely different format than in the last 99 years, when the tournament was usually a Round Robin for 10 to 12 players. 

So now the tournament will be totally open for everyone – and held during summertime. That is when the sun is shining almost all day and all night! So for the usual visitors to the Reykjavik Open, they would see Iceland and Reykjavik in a totally different light than in February and March. 

The tournament will be held on the 20th floor in “The Tower” in Borgartun 10-12, only 15 minutes from downtown Reykjavik, the top floor on the tallest building in Iceland. In this new glasshouse building, there is a without question the most spectacular view over all of Reykjavik and its surroundings. 

The Icelandic Chess Federation therefore continues its recent tradition on only offering truly spectacular playing venues for its tournaments! Already registered are all the strongest Icelandic professional players. 

The tournament now will also include the Icelandic Women Championship. The tournament is now for the first time open to all foreign players. The entrance fee is €100 but there is 50% discount for youth players (born 1996 and later). No entrance fee for titled players. The total prizes are €6.000. 

More information on this website or contact us by e-mail If you want to see Iceland in totally different light – The Icelandic Open Championship might be the opportunity! 

Flights to Iceland can be found at www.dohop.com and possible hotels can be found on various places, for example, www.hotels.com and on http://www.booking.com. Registration is here: https://chess-results.com/anmeldung.aspx?lan=1&ggid=96129 Website: http://icelandicopen.com

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It's a beautiful country. They're crazy for chess.