Tuesday, March 26, 2013

St Petersburg tactic

White to move. How should white proceed?

Source: ChessToday.net


Anant said...


aam@fics said...

1. Be5

black must give up the piece because 1... Bxe5, 2. Qd8 and mate.

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Anand Gautam said...

1. Be5!! wins the c7 Bishop 1-0

(1. ... Bxe5 2. Qd8+ Ne8 3. Qxe8+ checkmate)

Ravi said...

1.Be5 Nxc4
(1...Bxe5 2.Qd8+ Ne8 3.Qxe8#)
2.Bxc7 g5 3.b6 Na5 4.Ba8 h5 5.b7 Nxb7 6.Bxb7

pht said...

Black's backrank is weak, only protection against Qd8# is the c7 bishop. So therefore:

1. Be5! Nbd5 (anything better?)
2. Bxc7! (more direct than cxd5 I think) Nxc7 (anything better?)
3. Qd8+ Nce8
4. Bxe8 g6 (Nxe8? Qxe8#)
5. b6! Qb1+
6. Kh2 Nxe8
7. Qxe8+ Kg7
8. Qb5!!
Plenty variations I think, but is there something better for black?

Anonymous said...

1. Ba1-e5, intending an eventual back rank mate.


Oleg Mezjuev said...

1. Be5! wins (threatening 2. Qd8+ and then checkmate). Black has to give up his Bishop to avoid checkmate.