Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winterchess Mallorca Masters 2013

The Winterchess Mallorca Masters 2013 is being played on 17th – 23rd March at the Hotel Neptuneo situated on the beach of Palma.

It is a 10 player single round robin, with a time control of 90 minutes plues 30 seconds per move.

The participants arrived from seven different countries. The rating average is 2447 points. All the participants are titled players – 3 Grandmasters and 7 International Masters.

First seed is Lithuanian GM Aloysa Kveinys. English GM James Plaskett, winner of the last edition of the Abierto de Roquetas de Mar, is also in the lineup.

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1GMKveinys AloyzasLTU2528
2GMKunin VitalyGER2527
3GMPlaskett H JamesENG2516
4IMGlud Jakob VangDEN2514
5IMArribas Lopez AngelESP2478
6IMForcen Esteban DanielESP2469
7IMJanev TihomirBUL2429
8IMMikkelsen NikolajDEN2410
9IMBujisho BenjaminFRA2372
10IMRodriguez Lopez RafaelESP2229

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Mallorca is beautiful.