Thursday, March 14, 2013

WWTC brilliant tactic

Black to move. How should black proceed?



aam@fics said...

1. .... R8 x c6
2. Rxc6 Qxd4+

3. Kf1 * Ng4
4. R1c2 Qd3+
5. Kg2 Ne3+
6. Kh3 ** Qf1+
7. Kh4 g5#

else if
3. Kg2 Re2+ wins

** else if
6. Kg1/h1 Qf1+ wins

Anonymous said...


Anand Gautam said...

1. ... R8xc6!! wins easily.

If Rxc6, White gets checkmate very quickly.
2. Rxc6 Qxd4+ 0-1
(checkmate soon follows)

If not, White is a piece up.
2. Qxb5 Qd4+ 0-1
(piece up, strong attack)

Ein Steppenwolf said...

1. … Rc8xc6
2. Rxc6 Qxd4+

3. Kg2 or Kh1 or Kf1
3. … threaten with the queen both the king and the c1 rook, then … Qxc1, Rxc1 Rxa6, up one knight

Anonymous said...

Rcc6 followed by Qd4 leads to mate

Arthur B said...

... Rcxc6
Rxc6 Qd4+

Kh1 Qe4+
1 Qe3+
Kh1 Qxc1
(Rxc1 Rxa6)

Kf1 Qd3+
Kg1 Qe3+
Kh1 Qxc1+

king can't escape via the second rank because of:

Kg2 Qd2+
Kh3 Qxc1+

White is a knight up and wins the game (if he's not totally incompetent)

Oleg Mezjuev said...

1. ... Rcxc6! 2. Rxc6 Qxd4+ 3. Kf1 (3. Kg2 Rd2+ 4. Kh3 Qg4#) Qd3+ and Black has a devastating attack.

Manglu said...

1 .. R8 x c6
2. R X c6 Q x d4+
No matter how and where the white king moves, the Queen can give a check while attacking the Rook @ C1 and takes it.

If Black Rook @c6 takes the queen then White Rook will take the Black Queen @ a6.

Anonymous said...

I spent a long time trying to get my R to e2 until I found Ng4 and Qd1.
I think this is it:
2) Rxc6 Qxd4+
3) Kf1 [if Kh1 or Kg2 then Re2 leads to #]
3) .....Ng4
4) R2c2 [ if R6c2 then Rxa6 wins Q]
4) .....Qd1+
5) Kg2 Ne3+
6) Kf2 [if Kh3 Qg4#]
Enjoyed this one.....Andrew