Saturday, April 06, 2013

Kasparov compares Phiona Mutesi to Judit Polgar

Former World Chess Champion Gary Praises Mutesi 
Sat, 04/06/2013 - 09:57 
by Kudzai Muza

Former World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov is having complete trust on the capabilities of Uganda's Phiona Mutesi. Gary is of the belief that Mutesi has all the capabilities to become a world chess leader.

While appreciating Mutesi, he also talked about her shortcomings. He affirmed that though Mutesi can be next world champion, lacking of formal coaching can spoil things for her. It seems Gary is quite convinced by Mutesi's performance and that might be the reason that he has compared Mutesi with Judit Polgar.

Polgar is considered to be the best chess player in women category in the history across the globe. Gary made such pleasing comments about Mutesi in Broadway, where both had a friendly match.

Mutesi is also having same positive feelings about Gary, which were quite evident when they had a friendly match in Broadway. Kasparov was found to be giving a copy of his book named as Kasparov vs Karpov.

After receiving the book, Mutesi did not waste time in expressing her regards for the grandmaster. She told him that he is a source of inspiration for her. "He has won the game, but I have learned many things from losing", said Mutesi after losing the friendly match.



Anonymous said...

Kasparov is best.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to her in life, but she is about 20 and rated 1700 it is just absurd to compare her to the Polgars and it does not do her any favours, to mislead her into thinking she could ever earn a living from chess, instead of a more practical education.

Anonymous said...

I think that this story shows just how ignorant the average American is when it comes to chess. In countless editorials, she is referred to as a prodigy and a phenom. So I had to check for myself. Out of the countless articles showering her with praise, I saw no mention of her rating. The omission made me immediately suspicious. I saw some tournament results listing her at 1700 and below which is ok for a relatively new club player but certainly not a prodigy in the sense that say a Magnus Carlson was.