Monday, July 01, 2013

Armenia near the top in chess

Chess: Aronian maintains second spot on FIDE rankings

Chess | 01.07.13 | 11:58

Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian has maintained his status as the world’s second best player in the latest rankings unveiled by international chess’s governing body, FIDE, today.

As of July 1 Aronian has a rating of 2813, trailing the top-ranked grandmaster Magnus Carlsen from Norway by 49 points. These are two only players to enjoy a current rating above 2800. Third-placed Italian grandmaster Fabiano Caruana has a rating of 2796.

The latest Top 100 player rankings of FIDE ( also include Armenian grandmasters Sergei Movsesian (position 49; rating 2699), Vladimir Akopian (position 56; rating 2691) and Gabriel Sargissian (position 72; rating 2671).

The FIDE Top 100 female players list includes two Armenian grandmasters: Elina Danielian (position 29: rating 2470) and Lilit Mkrtchyan (position 33, rating 2454). Maria Kursova representing Armenia is in 111th position with a rating of 2351. Hungary’s Judit Polgar tops the rankings with a rating of 2696.

In the list of 134 chess nations ranked by the average rating of their top 10 players Armenia is currently in fourth place (average rating 2660; has 36 grandmasters and 23 international masters; ‘total titled’ – 99). The top three chess-playing nations, according to FIDE, are: Russia (2743), Ukraine (2701) and China (2665).


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Anonymous said...

Aronian has a major minus record against Nakamura. So why is he #2?