Sunday, July 21, 2013

Joao Braga Open in Brazil

The Chess International Open Profesor Joao Braga was played on 5th-13th July at the UNIP University, Rua Vergueiro 1211 – Paraíso, Brazil.

The event was a 9-round Swiss open with a classical time control. It was valid both for FIDE and CBX ratings calculations.

Paraguayan GM Neuris Delgado finished clear first after getting 7.5 points. A draw against Brazilian IM Roberto Molina was enough to edge GM Everaldo Matsuura, who fell against American IM Daniel Fernandez.

Santiago Yago de Moura took advantage of these results, won his last game and took home the silver medal thanks to his tiebreak score.

The first three positions were awarded with 10.000 R$ (approx. 4.500 US dollars), 3.000 R$ and 2.000 R$, respectively.

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