Saturday, August 31, 2013

LIVE twitter play by play of World Cup Final!

I will be doing LIVE commentary / play by play on Twitter for the Tromsø World Cup final (game 2) between Andreikin and Kramnik. My twitter account is @SusanPolgar.

There is a special twist during the commentary every day. During each game at random times, the organizer will announce the official contest at @Tromso2014. It will go something like:

"Contest time! The 11th tweet (different order each day) with the word Tromsø (different word each day) will be the winner!"

If you have the right tweet order with the right word of the day, you will win a special World Cup memorabilia signed by both players and me.

The contest announcement will only come from the official twitter account. Therefore, please make sure you follow @tromso2014 to participate in this contest.

Photos from the Final between Kramnik and Andreikin:

Over 100 pictures from special trip with Kramnik:

Over 170 photos from round 6:

Over 18o photos from round 5:

Over 175 photos from round 4:

Over 330 photos from round 3:

Over 260 photos from round 2:

About 650 pictures from round 1 and opening ceremony: