Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tricky practical tactic

White to move. How should white proceed?



Anonymous said...

I think the a8 rook is hopeless.

Anonymous said...

1. Nc7! Qxc7 ( 1... Rb8 Nxb8 +-)
2. Ne7+ Qxe7 (2...Bxe7 3. Rxc7 +-)
3. Rxe7! Bxe7
4. Qxd5+ Be6 (4... Kh8 5. Qxa8 +- )
5. Qxe6+ Rf7
6. Rc7 Re8
7. Rxa7 +-

غلامرضا حیدری said...

1.Ne7+ Bxe7 2.Rc7 1-0

pht said...

My immediate idea here would be:

1. Nc7! Qxc7(?)
2. Ne7+! Qxe7 (Bxe7 Rxc7 is up with Q for 2N)
3. Rxe7 Bxe7
So far kind of material balance but
4. Qxd5+!
gains a rook.

1. Nc7 must at least gain quality after Bb7 Nxa8.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, look for N fork with black's Q and K near white's N.
1.Re7 (black's Q now nowhere to go)1...Bxe7 2.Qxd5+ Qxd5
3.Nxe7+ and 4.Nxd5 but not good for W.
So looking for better
1.Nc7! if 1...Qxc7 Ne7+ or
1...Q to f7/g7/h7 2. Nxa8


Anonymous said...


if 1 Kh8, Qh6#
if 1 Kg7/h7, Rc7 and it's all over
if 1 Bxe7, Rc7, Q anywhere, Rexe7 (two rooks on 7th rank!) and with the white Q aiming to g5, mate will follow soon.

Anonymous said...

Tough one.

Lorfa said...
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Tim said...

1.Ne7+ looks strong. The idea is to get a Rook to c7 in most lines, e.g. 1...Bxe7 2.Rc7 Qxb5 3.Rexe7 and Black is getting mated, or 1...Kg7 2.Rc7 Qxb5 3.Nxf5+ and the King has to walk the plank: 3...Kg6 4.Qh6+ Kxf5 5.Qh5+ Bg5 6.Qh7+! Kf6 7.Qg7+ Kf5 8.Re5+ and mate next move.

AlanDGravett said...

Well let's try something like Nc7. If rook moves we take it with the other knight.

If Qxc7 then Ne7+ threatening Rxc7. And if Qxe7 then Rxe7 and after Bxe7 Qxd5+ winning the rook anyway. So although white has given up lots of pieces he has also won bigger ones!

pht said...

Reviewing this one, it is tricky, and it may be wrong to play:

1. Nc7 Bb7!! (enforced, Qxc7?? looses)

Now Nc6 hangs, and Nxa8 doesn't help since N has no escape from a8.
Any good move for white here?