Sunday, September 08, 2013

Can you close out games with sharp tactic?

Black to move. How should black proceed?



Yancey Ward said...

I think Nf3 should wrap it up:

1. .....Nf3
2. Kf1

White will lose quickly if he takes the knight: [2.gf3 Qh3! 4.Rf6 Rg8-+]. Continuing:

2. .....Re5!

I actually think this move is needed. My original plan was Nxe1, but that looks a bit dicey now that I take a deeper look at it: [2. ...Ne1? 3.Bd4! Ng2 4.Rf6! Ne3! 5.Ke2 Nd5 6.Rf7 with a perpetual check draw in hand. Unless I am overlooking something, this line is forced by the mate threats white has]. 2. ...Re5 pushes the white queen back to the 1st rank, or forces white to liquidate queens at c6. It also defangs Bd4 for white. Continuing:

3. Qd1 Ne1 and white will gain an exchange and should win.

Anonymous said...

1. Nf3+! gf? ( 1... Kf1 2. Nxe1 Kxe1 wins the exchange)
2. Qh3! Kh1 ( 2... Rd8 3. Bxd8 -+)
3. Rg8 Bg5 ( 3... Rg1 4. Qxf3! Rg2 5. Qxg2#)
4. Rxg5 Qxg5
5. Bxg5 -+


Lucymarie said...

1. ... Nf3+ 2. gxf3 (2. Kf1 Re5!) 2. .. Qh3 3. Bg5 Rg8 4. Rxf6 Rxg5+ 5. Qxg5 hxg5

Anand Gautam said...

Nf3+ wins the rook for Knight! Alternatives are worse...

1. ... Nxf3+
2. gxf3 Qh3
3. Bg5 (forced)Rg8
4. Rxf6 (what else?) Rxg5+
5. Qxg5 hxg5 0-1

Anonymous said...

Nf3+, if takes, Qh3+ and mate in few, (Kh1, Rg8, ...). If doesn't take, wins an exchange.

Anonymous said...


AlanDGravett said...

Nf3ch must win. The threat on the rook forces white to take the piece and then Qh3 threatens Rg8 mating. If, Bf4 then exf and Qxf3 leaves the rook on e1 loose