Saturday, September 07, 2013

Practical middlegame tactic

Black to move. How should black proceed?



CraigB said...

Black can exploit White's tactical weaknesses with 1...N:f4 2. Q:f4 N:e5 threatening to win the Q with 3...Nd3+ (discovering the Qc7 on the Qf4). And defending the Bd3 with, say, Qe2 allows 3...N:d3+ 4. Q:d3 B:g2.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

N6e5 fe5
Qe5 with taking further taking d4 or g2?
Greetings, Bo

MGick said...

Perhaps First B h4+, Black seems to be better anyway

Anonymous said...

Bxg2, if Qxg2, Bh4+, then win the White Queen by fork

Yancey Ward said...

I have looked at this for a while, and I guess I would play either Nxf4 which takes advantage of the attack on g2, and the indirect threat on the trapped rook at h1. However, I really don't find a powerful edge to black if white plays accurate defense (hard to do in a position this complicated).

1. .....Nf4
2. Qf4

This seems forced to me, though the lines are complex, and I have significant uncertainty in what follows. If white tries to block with either Be4 or Nf3, he loses more material, I think: [2.Be4 Be4! 3.Qf4 Bg2! 4.Qg4 Qe5! 5.Nde2 Bh1 6.Bb6 and black has won an exchange and two pawns]; or [2.Nf3 Ne5 3.Be4 Be4 4.Ne4 d5 5.cd5 ed5 wins two pawns, and probably more with so much pressure on white's king]. Continuing:

2. .....Ne5
3. Ke2

White can't really play Be4 here due to the discovered attack on f4: [3.Be4 Nd3! 4.Bd3 Qf4-+]. Alternatively, white also can't play Kf1: [3.Kf1 Nd3! 4.Qc7 Rc7 5.Rd1 Nf4 6.Nf3 b5, and black will just pulverize white's queenside pawns, or get a passer on the c-file in addition to being up 2 pawns net]. Continuing:

3. .....Bg2
4. Be3 Bh1
5. Rh1

I have looked this line over top to bottom, and this is the best I can find for black. I am either missing something right at the start, or I am missing a better continuation somewhere in this line after the first move. As it is, black has a rook and three pawns for two pieces- a good material trade that is, in general, worth about a positive 1.0-1.5 pawns. In the line above, I am not sure that black can profit by taking at a3 on the next move #5:

5. .....Ba3?!
6. Ra1! Bd6
7. Ne4! and black gets the a-pawn returned, but with more activity now.

All in all, a rich middlegame position. Just tough to see the implications of many of these moves, even with a chess board in hand.

mshroder said...

1. Ng6xe5 fxe5
2. Qxe5+ Kf1 or Kd1
3. Bg5 Qb1 (bad things happen at c1)
4. Be3 Bxe3
5. Nxe3+ K whatever
6. Bxg2
White is up 3 pawns and dominates the center


Eduardo said...


Eduardo said...


Eduardo said...

I mean, knight h4, Nh4

Lucymarie said...

Deflect the White queen from protecting g2-square with 1. ... Nxf4 2. Qxf4 Nxe5

After that, these could happen:

3. Ke2 Bxg2 4. Be3 Bxh1 5. Rxh1

3. Kd2 3. .. Nxc4+ 4. Bxc4 Qxf4+

3. Qe3 Nxd3+ 4. Kf1 (4. Qxd3 Bxg2) 4. .. Nf4

Anonymous said...

1. N4xe5 gf
2. Qxe5+ Kf1 (2... Qe2 3. Qxe2+ Kxe2 4. Bxg2! trapping the rook -+)
3. Nf4! Re1
4. Bxg2+! Qxg2 ( 4... Kf2? Bh4# )
5. Qxe1+ Kxe1
6. Nxg2+ -+ ( black has three pawns for the knight plus the exchange)


Anonymous said...

Didn't leave a comment because couldn't see clear end to it. My choice was 1...Nh4 but also looked at 1...Nxe5, 1...Nxf4. Have sent a comment to 9th Sept puzzle and this is related because I eventually put into Fritz 11 and it reckoned that 1...Nh4 was 1.31 to black and 1...Nxf4 was 1.26 to black. (In a few minutes.)(1...Nxe5 not good.) Haven't seen what was played in game but would like to see if humans better!