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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ilyumzhinov vs Kasparov


The current President of FIDE Kirsan Ilymzhinov and the former World Champion Garry Kasparov will go head to head at the upcoming FIDE President elections in 2014. Today they both announced their candidacy during the 84th FIDE Congress in Tallinn.

First to confirm he is running for FIDE President 2014-2018 was Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. During the morning session of the 84th Congress he announced he wants to continue his ongoing project for FIDE and promised a hefty 1 million euro for the Chess In School program. Kirsan Ilymzhinov has been President of FIDE since 1995 and was re-elected in 2010 where he defeated his rival Anatoly Karpov decisively, winning this election by 95 votes to 55.


Garry Kasparov announced he is running for FIDE President later the same evening. Garry Kasparov was the World Champion from 1985, when he dethroned Anatoly Karpov, to 1993 when he left FIDE to form PCA. He continued to reign the PCA as Champion until Vladimir Kramnik defeated him in 2000 in London.

Kasparov announced his ticket: Rex Sinquefield, Ignatius Leong, Afrika Msimang, Jan Callewaert, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Hamed.

Garry Kasparov and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov have their ongoing battle for decades. Kasparov was the one who initiated the split in chess in 1993, by creating the parallel PCA (Professional Chess Association). Coming on the scene in 1995, Ilyumzhinov’s main goal was to reunite chess under the “Gens Una Sumus” moto. He finally succeeded in 2006, when he and FIDE organized the reunification match in Elista.

More election news are going to come this week from Tallinn. Extraordinary General Assembly on 9th of October 2013 is being called solely to elect Chairman of the ELE Commission for the Tromso General Assembly 2014.


Anonymous said...

Why would you ever in your opinion on the matter? That site hideous!

Anonymous said...

Will Kasparov bribe all the little nations for votes?

Anonymous said...

Kasparov is a cheat- he robbed Judy of her win by doing a takeback and stifling the truth.

Kasparov is obnoxious - who slams doors repeatedly in a WC match

Kasparov is a Criminal - He bit the hand of a police officer in Moscow.

This is not the first time.. since 1986 he has been trying..


Anonymous said...

Kasparov endorsed Ilyumzhinov as FIDE President. He was the one who helped get him elected. So why a sudden change?

Anonymous said...

Kasparov is the best choice. This should be unanimous.

Anonymous said...

Kasparov - what a jerk. The guy have only interest in making money and power. Nothing else. Putin should send him to Siberia permanently so he can stop bothering the chess world. What a dishonest man he is.

Anonymous said...

Nakamura would beat both!

Anonymous said...

Kasparov is the most honest, dynamic, and charismatic human being. He should be President of Russia.

Lucymarie said...

Sad to say: I can't help but feel that international chess would be ill served by either Kasparov or Ilymzhinov being head of FIDE.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Anybody but Kasparov! He is a good Sargent but no General.