Monday, October 07, 2013

Real game exercise

White to move. Is this a win for white? How should white proceed?

This was an actual game that took place in Russia earlier. White decided to repeat moves a few moves later. Was it the correct decision?


Yancey Ward said...

Definitely the wrong decision.

1. cb5! Bb5 (alternatives below)
2. Qa5 Ba6

If black plays Bc6, leaving the a-file open, white can play Re3 with a deadly attack. Black can play h4 here, but white can take the pawn with advantage since the h8 rook protects the one at d8, but white can do even better, I think, with 3.Rb4 with another deadly attack on the black king. Continuing:

3. Qc7 Ka8
4. Ne4 Rc8
5. Qa5 Qf5 (anything better?)
6. Qf5 ef5
7. Nf6 and white is up a pawn or more at the very least considering just how weak all of black's remaining pawns are.

Back at move 1, I don't see how black does better with the alternatives to taking at b5:

1. cb5 Bd5
2. Qa5 Rd6 (what else?)
3. b6!

And I think black has to take at b6 or lose the rook at h8 to a skewere eventually:

3. .....Qg5 (Qg7 4.Qa7 Kc8 5.Rc1+-)
4. Qa7 Kc1
5. Qa8+-


1. cb5 Bd7
2. Qa5 with the same threats of b6 and Qa7+.

I have to assume white was low on time.

Anonymous said...

It's a fix.