Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Stockfish and Komodo dominate the competition

Stockfish and Komodo continue with their amazing performance at the world’s top computer chess championship TCEC. After 12 rounds the two engines share first with 9,5/12, which is 1,5 points more than the third Gull and 2,5(!) points ahead of the top seeded Houdini.

Stockfish defeated one of it’s main opponents for gold medal in the stage – Gull 2.2, after 70 moves. Komodo defeated the 3000+ ELO winner of Stage 1 Bouquet 1.8a in 62 moves.

The longest game of the round was the match Houdini – Jonny, 99 moves. It was also the biggest surprise as the 350 ELO lower rated Jonny defeated the top seeded engine with black! The victory rised many questions as to how good a GM can fare against an engine, since Jonny is lower rated than more than 20 players in chess history, close to 100 points behind Magnus Carlsen, and yet defeated the top computer engine with black.

The 12th round itself was intriguing in one more aspect – there was no single draw in the nine games. Each match possessed it’s own charge and high importance for the final standings.

Currently round 13 is underway and you can watch the games daily on the official site. Matches include Rybka – Toga, Houdini – Bouquet, and the derby of the leaders of TCEC Komodo -Stockfish. Watch the live games here / Visit the official website

Replay the games of Stage 1 / See the current live game / Full list of participants / Information / Play online at Chessdom Arena

Standings after round 12

Engine - ELO - Points

1 Stockfish 3098 9.5
2 Komodo 3086 9.5 

3 Gull 3063 8 

4 Hiarcs 2979 7.5 

5 Bouquet 1.8a 3069 7
6 Houdini 3146 7 

7 Rybka 3092 6.5
8 Critter 1.6a 3072 6.5 

9 Naum 2978 6 

10 Junior 2913 5.5
11 Spike 2921 5.5 

12 Jonny 2789 5 

13 Shredder 2942 4.5
14 Spark 2889 4.5 

15 Equinox 3051 4 

16 Onno 2834 3.5 

17 Tornado 2830 3 

18 Toga 2857 2.5
19 Exchess 2702 2.5


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Brian said...

Houdini vs Johnny was really an amazing game, other two interesting points are that in certain moment of the game Houdini thought he was +1, and that it was an Alekhine opening, as someone said in the chat there, it was an tribute to the former world champion :)

I personally think that humans still can at least draw some games against engines (off course win a match would be really unlikely to don't say impossible), but compare Johnny rating with the rating from human players is an error, ELO measure the relative strength between players, and since engines and humans don't play each other (the two rating lists are independent) it makes no sense to compare values between then, this is a common misunderstanding.

For the free software enthusiasts, it's very good to see two free and open source engines (Stockfish and Gull) doing so well.

Brian said...

*of course

(Sorry if there's any other error that I did not saw)