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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An absolute classic brain teaser

F. Stamma,

White to move and ... No computer analysis please. This is a good one. Good luck in finding the solution.

8/8/p5r1/1p6/1P1R4/8/5K1p/7k w - - 0 1


Lucymarie said...

Think I have seen this one before. In any case, it's Zugzwang after 1. Rd1+ Rg1 2. Rf1. It doesn't matter whether Black takes on f1 or not. White wins in either case by promoting the a-pawn. OK, so it's not an
a-pawn yet.

Unknown said...

1. rd1 rg1
2. rf1 rxf1
3 kxf1 a5
4. bxa5 b4
5. a6 b3
6. a7 b2
7 a8 = B mate

Terry said...

1Rd1+ Rg1 2Rf1!! is zugzwang and mate in a few, when white's a pawn promotes.

pht said...

I don't think I need a computer here:-)
This is obviously about zugzwang. First create a pinned rook:

1. Rd1+ Rg1
2. Rf1!!

The obvious place to put it.
Either black plays Rxf1+ Kxf1 now or delays it, this continues with a5 bxa5 b4, and ends with a8=Q#.

Mate in 7 moves.

Anand Gautam said...

A neat mate in 6 :)

1. Rd1+ Rg1
2. Rf1+!! Rxf1
3. Kxf1 a5 (zug zwang!)
4. bxa5 b4
5. a6 b3
6. a7 b2
7. a8=B+#

Anonymous said...

1. Rd1 Rg1
2. Rf1

Anant said...

Alright...I think I got this one:
1. Rd1+ Rg1
2. Rf1!

No matter what, white will promote
the b pawn after taking the black
a pawn and mate.

s.k.srivastava said...

1Rd1ch rg1 2Rf1 now child's play

awfulhangover said...

Looks easy, coz what can black do after 1. Rd1+ Rg1 2.Rf1! and black is in zugzwang, and can be mated with h8=L+ and mate in one!(cooler than h8=Q+ ..)

Anonymous said...

Remove the rooks and black is virtually stalemated but actually loses.
So Rd1+ Rg1, Rf1!
Then whether they trade or not, ...a5, ba b4, a6 b3, a7 b2, a8B# is forced.

Anonymous said...

1.Rd1+ Rg1
2.Rf1!! Rxf1 (1..a5 2.bxa5 b4 3.a6 and white will promote first with check)
3.Kxf1 a5
4.bxa5 and white wins by promoting first with check

Took me like 30 sec. to a minute

Yancey Ward said...

I remember this puzzle well. It is a classic in terms of age and theme, but not that difficult if you have seen the two main themes many times. The real issue is how to get the rooks off the board or to tie down black's rook, but that isn't hard to see either:

1. Rd1 Rg1
2. Rf1 and black will eventually be forced to play a5 allowing bxa5 and white will make a new queen or bishop with mate at a8 before or after black exchanges the rooks at f1.

jcheyne said...

Without rooks on the board, While wins with Kf1 and the pawn race after Black's …a5 with checkmate from a8 upon promotion (queen or bishop).

Therefore, Rd1+, forcing …Rg1, then Rf1, and the rest follows.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look too tough. White checks and then exchanges (or pins) the rook on f1 creating a zugswang for black who must move his a-pawn. But White queens with checkmate one move ahead of Black. But cool!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting
1. Rd1ch Rg1(forced)
2. Rf1 and white wins

Anonymous said...

Very interesting
1. Rd1ch Rg1
2. Rf1 and White wins

Anonymous said...

very interesting
1. Rd1ch Rg1(forced)
2. Rf1 and White wins

Bob said...

Pretty obvious for a brain teaser. 1. Rd1+, Rg1; 2. Rf1, Rxf1+; 3. Kxf1, a5; 4. bxa5, b4; 5. a6, b3; 6. a7, b2; 7. a8=Q mate.