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Monday, December 23, 2013

Chess is #1 in Turkey

More than 350.000 members in a number - one sport federation!

It is not a surprise for chess audience that chess is very popular in Turkey . When talking about the numbers of members of a federation , It is the number -one sport.

There are 57 sport federations in Turkey including football , these federations are recognised by National Olympic Committee and related to Turkish Republic Sport and Youth Ministry.
General Directorate of Sport is a governmental organisation under sport ministry inspecting and funding all sport federations. Except football, all sports are under the umbrella of this organisation but totally independent. Football has its private law and is not related to sport ministry.

General Directorate of Turkish Sports has a website, and in this website there is a webpage showing members of each federation online:
In this page you might see the number of female, male and total members of each sport federation.

Chess holds the first position among sports in Turkey. We copied the numbers to a file and ranked them. When this article was written, Turkish Chess Federation had 351.288 members. You may see the numbers of all federations in this attached file. Probably numbers given there are not the same in comparison with this article . Honestly, while we were copying the number of chess members, they were continuously increasing so we decided to give up updating the number in the article. But we may work a little bit with these numbers

number of members of Turkish Sport Federations

According to the website at 01:03 pm by UAE time on Saturday 21 December 2012, the ranking of top sports is as follows:

Chess does have 351.288 members, 101.905 female players and 249.383 male players. 30% of total players are women.

Chess is being followed desperately by Taekwondo. The number of the Turkish Taekwondo Federation members is 282.121, 69.167 less than chess. In other terms, Chess is 25% bigger than Taekwondo in Turkey. Basketball is taking advantage of being taller with the third place. 237.631 total members of Basketball are almost 113.000 less than chess. So, chess in Turkey is 48% more popular than basketball in Turkey.

Is chess number one in each category? No! the number of women volleyball athletes are more than female chess players , respectively 107.812 to 101.905. But we are sure that with the new president of Turkish Chess Federation, Mrs. Gulkiz Tulay, who gives great priority to woman chess in Turkey, this goal will be achieved in a very short time.

But may you imagine that even the number of female chess players in Turkey is bigger than the total number of members of 50 federations in Turkey?

One more impressive result is the rating of chess in total athletes in Turkey. The percentage of TCF members is 12.49% in the total number of athletes It means, 125 of every 1000 athletes in Turkey are chess players!

Yet , We should not be unfair to Football. Football is not taken into consideration in this research since it has a separate federation in Turkey. But the number of football players in Turkey is believed to be 300.000 , which is less than chess of course according to their website (last published on 15 December 2013).

You want to increase the number of your members and compete other federations in your country? Don't worry we are in your service as FIDE, and we are willing to help you in order to achieve it.

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